Best Way to Create Water from Fog | Fog Catcher

Video on how to catch water from fog – Watch the video for more info…

There are many water saving techniques. But we hardly have any water creating technique. A simple but powerful technique is there to capture water from fog called Fog Catchers.

This technique is used from the medieval times but forgotten in the current timeline. Many NGOs and inspirational volunteers have brought this Fog Catching technology to the places that is deprived for water. And this technique is proven to be successful.

Let’s watch the above video to know more.

Fog Catchers – easy way to capture water from frog / air. Image Credits: People and Hearts

Please spread the word about this Fog Catching technology. This technique can be implemented at our homes and can be beneficial for the people who need water.


  1. Saves money,
  2. Saves time
  3. Saves effort
  4. Uses clean energy.
  • Anoop – People and Hearts

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Rubbing Hands in the Cold, Singing and Howling

Dark shower
(Photo credit: jumfer)

That one moment when you don’t not care about people and time but you want to cut loose. That one moment when you are rubbing your slippery hands in the cold and singing your favorite song. That one moment when you are just being yourself. 

It is here that you feel the idea of getting wild and crazy is nearing. Your adrenaline levels are pumping up and you feel the cold weather. You jump around and attempt your own share of dance moves. You throw all the stuffs you find into different directions of the earth.

You open the bottle of water and pour it on your head. You start howling at the dogs. Finally you stop everything suddenly.

Now you say this to yourself,

‘I felt good’.

– Anoop

© People and Hearts

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