Silence of the Mirror

Once walking herself into the undefined obscurity,
His eyes searched her through the valleys of uncertainty,
As he needed a mirror to see her again.

Tiring in vain in search of her,
His eyes ache seeking an answer,
As he needed a mirror to see her again.

Following the directions and paths she traveled,
His eyes bleed with the uncertainty of her whereabouts and existence,
As he needed a mirror to see her again.

When he was looking into the mirror,
There was she looking at his eyes through the mirror,
As her staring gaze sent a mystery of silence in him.

When the mirror reflected the silence in him,
The deadly silence revealed millions of buried emotions in them,
As the mystery clouded his eyes.

Time controlled their journey of silence,
With words left untold to her,
Left he looking into the mirror of mystery…

  • Anoop © People and Hearts

When the Stranger Entered the Heart

There was only one thing that connected him with the stranger. It is the mystery. Yes, it is the mystery that the stranger showered him at the very first sight.

He searches for the stranger whenever he comes to that place. He looks around the surroundings and at all the people. He spends extra time waiting to see the stranger who has hypnotized him. But he leaves the place disappointed. The stranger is not to be seen in that place again.

He thinks about the stranger from days to nights. He has no clue about the stranger’s identity or whereabouts. He has met the stranger only on five occasions but that was more than enough to make an impact in his heart.

What is the reason for his attachment to a complete stranger to whom he has never spoken to? He has no answers for this question. But he knows one thing…

The stranger has entered his heart.

He wants to know the reason for this instant connection with the stranger. He is waiting and he wants to unravel the mystery surrounding his stranger. He will unravel the mystery soon.

People and Hearts