Stumbling Over Shadows

People and Hearts

Listening to the heart wasn’t easy,
Following the thought process of mind was hell,
Believing the inner voice was suspicious,

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Heart had a queer way of expressing itself,
Eyes fancied the strange changes with difficulty,
Ears never listened to those timid expressions,

I was stumbling over my shadows…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

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Creativity is Sheer Madness

Creativity is Sheer Madness – Anoop © People and Hearts

Have you ever entered into the world of ‘Creative‘ people? Have you ever thought how these creative people think? Well, I’ll take you for a walk into the world of creative people…

STATUTORY WARNING: This is not for those lazy bums who don’t enjoy and appreciate fun, madness and creativity. This is also not for those serious faces who don’t enjoy nature. This is also not for those people who follow the herd blindly.

If you have the patience and sensibility to think like a human being, then read on….

‘Creativity’ is a special talent or skill through which something new, unique and refreshing is created. It’s not blind copying but an art of creating something that is worth enough to talk about!

An enchanting music or song, a haunting poem or painting, a unique photo, a reverberating speech or idea, or anything unique is a wonderful creation by the rare breed called creative minds. These creative minds need a fuel, mood, or an environment to trigger creativity. The catalyst for these creative minds is sheer ‘Madness‘.

Creative people love madness. They love to explore the unknown horizons that others fear to attempt. They break the conventional rules and they are unorthodox. A fluid called ‘Madness‘ runs through their veins to make them different from others.

Creative people view a crazy world through ‘Madness‘. They are able to think out-of-the-box and create magic through their works.

Here are a few quotes about madness and creativity:

“No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” ― Aristotle

“Madness in great ones must not unwatched go.” ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet

“The creative person is both more primitive and more cultivated, more destructive, a lot madder and a lot saner, than the average person.” — Frank Barron

“It is only through mystery and madness that the soul is revealed” ― Thomas Moore

“Madness is the acme of intelligence.” – Naguib Mahfouz

“Madness need not be all breakdown. It may also be break-through.”  — R. D. Laing

“If at first the idea is not totally absurd then there is no hope for it.” — Albert Einstein

“The extreme limit of wisdom–that is what the public calls madness.” — Jean Cocteau

 “A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free.” — Nikos Kazantzakis

“Madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push.” — The Joker — The Dark Knight

This is the sheer brilliance of madness – it makes an ordinary person ‘Creative‘.

“A pinch of madness, when combined with creativity could produce sheer magic.”— Anoop ©People and Hearts

Summing it up, creativity needs a bit of madness. So be imaginative and creative. Enjoy madness!

 – Anoop ©People and Hearts

For the People with Messed Up Lives

I’m writing this post for the people who are stuck up and screwed up with their lives. This article could be of some help for these people who are clueless about their feelings and decisions. If you are one of them, please read on…

I’m just a stranger, I’m just a well-wisher and I’m just a friend who could help you in finding your solution, at least a path to your problems. The problem is with your mindset.

The fix for your problem is there in your head. Just take a leap of breath and open your eyes with a hope.

For the people who are hiding their feelings for someone and hesitant to open up. The only solution for this problem is to open up and speak out your mind. Go, ping, call, whistle, knock the door, text or do whatever you want. Just tell them what you really want to tell them. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is! If something is bothering you for so long, just let them know what it is. It is the only way you can deal with it. Don’t stop! Go ahead…

For the people who don’t know what to do with their career. If one profession is not providing you the money or happiness that you want, despite your efforts. Just think differently. Stop what you have been doing. Do it the other way. Find your other skill set or passion that will be the route to your happiness and success. It is in you. You were looking for it in the wrong places. Just have a reanalysis of your brain and heart. You have the answer inside you. Don’t stop! Go ahead…

For the people who are stuck up with a fear of losing or fear of fate. If you are worried about the fear of failure and fate, just dump the fear. The fear will take you nowhere. The only solution for this fear is to kill the fear by doing the things that you fear to do. Never care about what will be the outcome. If you feel you need to do this, just do it. Don’t stop! Go ahead…

I hope this could help you!

– Anoop © People and Hearts

Stumbling Over Shadows

Listening to the heart wasn’t easy,
Following the thought process of mind was hell,
Believing the inner voice was suspicious,

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Heart had a queer way of expressing itself,
Eyes fancied the strange changes with difficulty,
Ears never listened to those timid expressions,

I was stumbling over my shadows…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

Speak Up and Open Your Thoughts to the Right People

Speak up and open your thoughts to the right people. Be expressive.
Speak up and open your thoughts to the right people. Be expressive.

Why don’t we try to be a bit expressive? Why don’t we try to speak our mind to the people we really know? Why don’t we start a conversation with the right people to get a new direction in our lives?

Man is known to be a Social Animal. Human beings are gifted with the ability to speak. They can connect with their fellow beings through communication. But are we communicating with people, really? Really?

Domestic animals such as cats and dogs are better at communicating with people rather than humans. Pets convey their true feelings to people by their own languages. So where have we failed in communicating with the people we know.

Open up people. Open your mind, heart and mouth. Speak up. Speak out what you really feel. Let people know about you and try to know about people.

Speak and connect with the right people. That’s the beauty of communication in life.

When we speak to the right people with similar interests, it will lead to a better conversation. We get to know more about the world and people. Healthy communication leads to a change in the thoughts and perceptions of people. It will open up new avenues for a better life.  It is always good when we speak to the right people at the right time.

So be Expressive!

Anoop © People and Hearts

Knowing Nothing About the Next Moment

Penning these words for my mystery lady,
Remembering the day one I saw you here,
Standing behind me like a stranger,
Knowing nothing about the next moment.

Thinking about something that I never knew,
Pretending as if you never looked at me,
Giving me no clue,
Knowing nothing about the next moment.

Seeing my mystery lady after three months,
Feeling a burst of newborn emotions,
Telling myself that the lady is special,
Knowing nothing about the next moment.

Meeting my mystery lady face to face,
Blocking her way unknowingly,
Looking at each others’ eyes,
Knowing nothing about the next moment.

Moving in opposite directions,
Pausing for a matter of purpose,
Turning and looking behind at each other simultaneously,
Knowing nothing about the next moment.

Seeing my mystery lady after a week,
Walking past her quickly,
Overtaking her intentionally,
Knowing nothing about the next moment.

Waiting for my mystery lady at the same place,
Wearing contrasting colors of attire,
Looking at each others’ eyes passionately,
Knowing nothing about the next moment.

Penning these words for my mystery lady,
Watching you again like the day one I saw you here,
Standing behind me like my love,
Knowing nothing about the next moment.

– Anoop

© People and Hearts

How I Became a Creative Writer?

Poetry (Photo credit: V. H. Hammer)

I never thought that I will become a writer in my life. I never even thought about that. But there were some glimpses of my writing skills that I discovered in my college days. But one moment changed everything that I knew about myself.

I wrote my first poem when I was 11 years old about “Sun”. And that was the only poem I wrote in the next  eight years. After that I never wrote something like that until I fell in love.

I started to write poems based only on love. In my college days, I used to write leave letters, permission letters etc. for my classmates because they thought that I was good in writing. Despite studying Bachelor of Engineering, I found more affinity to English and writing. But one truth is that I never read books on literature, poems or novels. Yet still I loved writing. 

Love triggered my writing skills. And my best poems were based on love.

I used to write many poems and give it to my love. She would read it and she used to smile. I loved doing that.

It was during this time that I started to create short poems, type them as SMS texts and send it to my friends as forward messages. Forward SMSes  were a craze with youngsters about a few years ago. I used to type some code words as an identification of the SMSes that I created. I used to receive those forward messages that I created back to my inbox itself. I still get few of those messages as SMSes even after so many years. It was a good feeling to see that people are liking my poems and creations.

One day, one of my short poem was read in a regional FM Radio channel as the best forward message of the day.  

One fine evening, I was listening to the FM Channel, Radio City in 2006. The RJ read, “Here is the best forward message of the day“. And that was my poem that was being read live on air. I felt very happy to hear that. Fortunately, I was listening to the radio station. On that day, I understood that people have started to read and like my poems. It was on that day I decided that I will become a writer someday.

There was my English lecturer who used to encourage me to write more. Through the reference of my teacher and the Head of the Department of English, I got an offer to publish my poems as a book through a local publisher. I was asked to pay 25,000 INR for publishing it. At that time I thought I must not publish my poems as I didn’t have the maturity or mindset of a complete writer. The money was also a constraint. I felt bad for rejecting that offer. But now I feel that what I did was the right thing. I kept learning and wrote more to become a writer. Still I’m learning how to write better.

There was another friend who always supported and encouraged me to write more. That friend was the main inspirational force because of whom I’m a better writer now. I kept writing more and more. My dream was to have my own blogging website. Initially, several friends ridiculed me and never believed what I said. I said to them that one day I will have my own website for showcasing my poems, short stories etc.

Finally here I’m with my own website, People and Hearts

My next dream is to publish my collection of poems as my first book. Then I plan to publish a book on short stories.

I thank my friends and my close ones for supporting me to write. I want your kind support in the future too. I’m learning day by day.

Please help me to grow by sharing my articles in Facebook, Twitter and other social media if you like it.


© People and Hearts

The Mystery Girl with Glasses

A quick glance of the scene here!

A half-crowded public bus, a guy sitting and glancing at the surroundings. The bus stopped. A girl with glasses on, enters the bus. The scene begins from here.


I was sitting inside the bus and looking at the moving buildings and people. (A pun intended, as here, there are no moving trees and greenery in a city these days). When the bus stopped, a mystery girl boarded the bus. She was accompanied by two of her friends. This girl sported glasses and so do I. This was the first instant connection between us.

I wondered as my heart said something to me, “Keep focusing on the girl and keep looking at her”.

Great people have said to follow your heart. So I decided to listen to those great people by following my heart. Yes! I gave her my first glance and I kept looking at her very eagerly. My heart felt a closeness to the girl.  I can tell you that! She was very unique.

Man, I was continuously looking at her, as my eyes knew that her eyes too were interested in me. The girl with the glasses stared at me, thereby igniting the sparkle in my eyes. “Why is he looking at me like this?”, she thought in her mind. I could read her thoughts with that angry stare. But still my heart said, “Follow what I’m saying idiot”. And I kept looking at her childishly.

Now, I was reading her lips, as she spoke to her friends. Her conversation was like a supersonic aircraft. I couldn’t read any of her words. But the way she spoke captured my attention. The time speed was slowed by three times to the usual time speed on earth. She was smiling and speaking. I was loving the way she was speaking even though I couldn’t neither hear anything nor interpret anything.

Next was a thunder shower that struck me. The girl looked at me for the second time. Yes man, she looked at me again. This time, it was a positive sign, as she looked at me with a smile. I was able to smile at her.

I thought for a while, why the hell am I looking at her like this? I did not have an answer. But the girl had a magic and she had cast a spell on me. I was focusing at her wristwatch this time. She wore a trendy watch and it showed that she was modern. The girl was indeed modern. This was evident from her attire and body language. Her long curly hair was moving in the direction of the wind. I was enjoying this lovely synchronization of nature and beauty.

Her friends were about to get down from the bus. She said goodbye to them by waving her hands. The mystery girl gave me her third glance. But now the smile got vanished from her lips. This woman had took me to a different world in a matter of 15 minutes. I couldn’t take my eyes of her. I wiped my glasses with a cloth and put them on again to get a better view of her.

Now, the girl turned to my side. She gave me her fourth glance as she came closer to me. My heart was beating hard and the heart beat rate increased as she neared me. This time, the fourth stare lasted for about five seconds. I knew that life was a song in just five seconds. I was about to say ‘Hi’ to her. But this moment was broken when the bus slowed down.

The 20-minute adrenalin rush came to sudden halt. She got down from the bus by leaning to the left-side of the door. The fifth glance arrived but to signal a goodbye. My eyes became saddened and I looked at her as the vehicle moved away from her. The sixth glance was short lived. I did not do anything and as I sat back with a confused thought.

Who was she? Why did I look at her? Why I smiled at her? Why she looked at me? Why didn’t I do anything when she left the bus?

I did not have any answers with me. There was only one thing that I knew. The mystery girl with glasses has blown me down.


© People and Hearts

If I Could Erase my Memories

If I Could Erase my Memories

People and Hearts

I wish to be a weathered rock
That withstood the test of time and nature.
If I could erase my memories…

I wish to be a homeless kid,
Who didn’t know the meaning of an orphan.
If I could erase my memories…

I wish to be a migratory bird
That didn’t know the existence of its nest.
If I could erase my memories…

I wish to be an old tree
That didn’t know its age.
If I could erase my memories…

I wish to be a prisoner,
Who didn’t know his crime.
If I could erase my memories…

I wish to be an artificial satellite
That lost track of its orbit.
If I could erase my memories…


© People and Hearts

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The Power and Aftereffects of Guilt

Who's Guilty?
Who’s Guilty? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guilt – What can it do to people?

If people are found guilty, they undergo a battle between their heart and the present. The guilt takes their lives to a different level. The aftereffects of guilt varies with individuals.

For a few, guilt makes them to think wisely and be cautious. They begin to live life differently. For certain people, guilt offers them another opportunity to live a worthy life. They begin to live rather than to exist merely.

There are a few, who start to love someone truly, forget someone completely, end their own life through suicide, ask forgiveness, kill someone and many more. Guilt can do anything to anyone. That’s why a guilty person is vulnerable.

But there are a few who think about someone every day and live their life gracefully. In this case of people, they are still guilty. However, they know that life has to go on.

Guilt is hiding in everyone’s heart. Most people don’t accept it. Guilt is seen throughout the history from men to women. Guilt is passed on from generations to generations from great people to laymen.

In the end, guilt changes people to human beings as they learn the meaning of emotions and heart.

– Anoop
© People and Hearts