In the Middle of Nowhere, You Find Yourself

I came across the following quote somewhere and this has captured my attention to a great extent.


I’ve felt the above quote to be very true. It is really out of  nowhere and in the middle of nowhere, you discover yourself. Even when the whole world is against you, there is an inner voice that will wake you up. That inner voice speaks to you and makes you realize the reality. The inner voice knows you better more than your mother. The inner voice trusts you and it believes you. And when you start to listen and trust your inner voice, it is then you discover yourself.

I’ve a modified version of the above quote.

When you start to listen to your inner voice,

When you start to believe your inner voice,

When you start to follow your inner voice,

You discover yourself at that moment.



© People and Hearts

Live Your Life the Way You Wished

There are two types of people on this earth. They are

  1. People who live their life the way they wished and loved. I name them as Achievers.
  2. People who live their life on others’ terms and they bury their dreams. I name them as Losers.

In the life of Achievers, they are fun loving people as they do what they love. Achievers are brave as they would back up their dreams when someone opposes or criticizes it. They are ready to face the world and they live in the present life. Achievers support themselves even when no one is with them. They don’t care what others think but they keep doing what they feel is good and right. Their life doesn’t have boundaries. Achievers believe in themselves. Due to this, they achieve their dreams and are called Achievers.

In the world of Losers, they live a life for others’ sake. Their world is very narrow and restricted with boundaries. They worry about what other people will think about them. They forget what their dreams are and they stop dreaming. Losers never believe in themselves.

I belong to the league of achievers as I do what I love and I live my life in my own way. I feel pity for the losers. I wish everyone should become achievers. Unless and until, people themselves decide to change themselves, there will be a change.


© People and Hearts