Burning Down the Flora and Fauna

Image credits: Artist Raju Somu

Burning my heart,

Man, you killed part of me with the fires.

Standing motionless in time,

The half burnt baby kangaroo never complained.

When the fire spread across the forest,

We watched it and just watched it.

When the wildfires torched the mother nature,

Billions of muted flora and fauna rested in peace.

– Anoop © People and Hearts

P.S: For the millions of flora and fauna that died in the recent Australian bushfires.

RIP – Scott Dinsmore – Live Your Legend

I’m in a shock since I heard about the sudden death of Scott Dinsmore.

Scott Dinsmore, is the founder of Live Your Legend and has been inspiring millions of people with his TEDx talk.

Scott Dinsmore at TEDx talk. Image Credits: http://liveyourlegend.net/tedx/

Scott is the reason for whom I’m now. I took up the writing profession and started blogging after I gained confidence from his TEDx talk. He has been motivating people around the world to find out and follow their passion.

Scott was living his dream and going around the globe to inspire many. His motto was to change the world by allowing people to follow their passion. Unfortunately, he died in an accident on Mt. Kilimanjaro recently. But this will not stop the change that he has been doing. We will continue to live our legend…

Following are the reverberations felt in the online world due to Scott’s death:






— Anoop © People and Hearts