Did We Change?

Over the years“, that is a cliche’ for sure! But it has really been years and there is no other better way to start it.

Time has just rolled on like a ball all the way down to the ground from the hill.

Here I’m the ball and the hill represents the people. 

And there is the time that smiles at me with a smirk.

The path that stands in between me and the hill is the “Change“.

The ball carried a few stones, leaves and dust with it.

And I consider the stones, leaves and dust as my treasures.

Did we change?

That wasn’t just a poem. It had a story in it. Here, I’m referring “we” as you, me, us, the reader, and anyone whom we can connect to.

Yes we did change. We are bound to change as time goes on. Suddenly, we feel that the things that looked great before, are not great anymore. Mind you! It is just a feeling. And the things that looked awful once looks cool now.

Ah ha…

What has happened to us now. Did we change?

Yes, I think we have changed. Time has a penchant to make us feel that people around us have changed.

But the reality is that we have changed.

It is a good feeling to know that life has really changed. Even my writing has changed over the years. My words have changed. And so is the world.

My feelings have changed. My outlook has changed. My priorities have changed. My life has changed.

When you read this, do you feel that you have changed, when you look back? If so, do comment on…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

For the People with Messed Up Lives

I’m writing this post for the people who are stuck up and screwed up with their lives. This article could be of some help for these people who are clueless about their feelings and decisions. If you are one of them, please read on…

I’m just a stranger, I’m just a well-wisher and I’m just a friend who could help you in finding your solution, at least a path to your problems. The problem is with your mindset.

The fix for your problem is there in your head. Just take a leap of breath and open your eyes with a hope.

For the people who are hiding their feelings for someone and hesitant to open up. The only solution for this problem is to open up and speak out your mind. Go, ping, call, whistle, knock the door, text or do whatever you want. Just tell them what you really want to tell them. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is! If something is bothering you for so long, just let them know what it is. It is the only way you can deal with it. Don’t stop! Go ahead…

For the people who don’t know what to do with their career. If one profession is not providing you the money or happiness that you want, despite your efforts. Just think differently. Stop what you have been doing. Do it the other way. Find your other skill set or passion that will be the route to your happiness and success. It is in you. You were looking for it in the wrong places. Just have a reanalysis of your brain and heart. You have the answer inside you. Don’t stop! Go ahead…

For the people who are stuck up with a fear of losing or fear of fate. If you are worried about the fear of failure and fate, just dump the fear. The fear will take you nowhere. The only solution for this fear is to kill the fear by doing the things that you fear to do. Never care about what will be the outcome. If you feel you need to do this, just do it. Don’t stop! Go ahead…

I hope this could help you!

– Anoop © People and Hearts

Final Moments of Mystery

Final Moments of Mystery
Final Moments of Mystery

Every mystery has a conclusion and the ultimate revelation. The mystery surrounding this stranger is about to break out.

Finally he meets this mystery lady again after three months. But this was something unexpected. The long absence of the stranger made him to fancy that the lady has vanished. But to his surprise, the lady is standing near to him.

When he met her this time, there was a complete silence in his heart. He stood standstill observing the lady like before.

She appeared different from the last meeting, probably, a makeover of her looks. When he watched her silently with his head tilting towards her, there was a cautious glance from the lady. She noticed him like a cop on patrol. He felt the shiver in his body instantly.

The bus arrived to disturb the silent mind game that was taking place. The lady boarded the bus in no time. But he did not move from his place. His heart was pushing him to go after her and to board the same bus. He was in no hurry and decided that the time has not come for following her.

The lady disappeared as usual and he went about doing his routine work. Back at his home, he was thinking what has to be done next. The silence and the mystery surrounding the lady was bottling him up. He wants to bring an end to this mystery once and for all.

So the day has come, he arrives at the meeting place on time. The silence will take shape as words, as he is going to speak to her. The months of silence and mystery will be unfolded now…

– Anoop
© People and Hearts

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    3. Knowing Nothing About the Next Moment

    4. The First Sign of Arrival

    5. Hiding Behind the Whispering Tree

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Song of the Pregnant Lady

It is tough to live a life like this woman. Carrying a child on her left arm and an unborn child, the lady is singing.

She sings for a living. She sings for feeding her unborn child. She sings for feeding her another child. She sings for feeding herself and her husband. Yes! She is pregnant!

She is tired. The rushing sound of the moving train is overshadowing her song. Amidst all these difficulties, she sings and makes a living. The song describes the pain and struggle she endures.

It is tough being a woman. She earns respect.

The song of the pregnant lady…

– Anoop

© People and Hearts

When I stopped and When I started…

When I stopped for one moment,
When I stopped listening to the sounds of the busy city,
When I stopped picking up calls and messages,
When I stopped running behind the imaginary world,
Then I knew that I hit the giant wall.

When I started to gain my consciousness back,
When I started to gain my breath back,
When I started to open my eyes completely,
When I started to hear my inner voice clearly,
When I started to feel and touch my heart slowly,
When I started to look at skies in the dark,
Then I knew that I’m alone.

When I started to accept the reality,
When I started to understand the reality,
When I started to appreciate the beauty of life,
When I started to look at the skies again in the dark and smile,

Then I knew that I was living.


© People and Hearts

The Disagreement Between Mind and Heart

Said the Heart with broken bones,

Hey Mind, you are too cruel.

Grinned the Mind with a sarcastic tone,

Sorry Heart, but you couldn’t endure the ordeal.

Listen Mind, you must slow down your pace,

As the cocktail of emotions are killing me.

My heart is feeble to catch up with this unending race,

As the cocktail of mixed feelings are draining me.

 Listen Mind, it takes seconds for you to erase the memories,

Just seconds to shift your attention to the future.

But my Heart is tied up to the ropes of miseries,

Doubtful about the possibility of the closure.

Listen Heart, try to fix the wrinkles of life,

By accepting the reality with open eyes.

Try to cut the ropes of miseries with the diamond knife,

As it’s time to look at the skies.

  • Anoop

© People and Hearts