The Disagreement Between Mind and Heart

Said the Heart with broken bones,

Hey Mind, you are too cruel.

Grinned the Mind with a sarcastic tone,

Sorry Heart, but you couldn’t endure the ordeal.

Listen Mind, you must slow down your pace,

As the cocktail of emotions are killing me.

My heart is feeble to catch up with this unending race,

As the cocktail of mixed feelings are draining me.

 Listen Mind, it takes seconds for you to erase the memories,

Just seconds to shift your attention to the future.

But my Heart is tied up to the ropes of miseries,

Doubtful about the possibility of the closure.

Listen Heart, try to fix the wrinkles of life,

By accepting the reality with open eyes.

Try to cut the ropes of miseries with the diamond knife,

As it’s time to look at the skies.

  • Anoop

© People and Hearts

If I Could Erase my Memories

If I Could Erase my Memories

People and Hearts

I wish to be a weathered rock
That withstood the test of time and nature.
If I could erase my memories…

I wish to be a homeless kid,
Who didn’t know the meaning of an orphan.
If I could erase my memories…

I wish to be a migratory bird
That didn’t know the existence of its nest.
If I could erase my memories…

I wish to be an old tree
That didn’t know its age.
If I could erase my memories…

I wish to be a prisoner,
Who didn’t know his crime.
If I could erase my memories…

I wish to be an artificial satellite
That lost track of its orbit.
If I could erase my memories…


© People and Hearts

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Letting the Moment to Pass

Letting the moment to pass.

It sounds so easy to read the above line. Sounds so easy! But at times, it is the most difficult thing to do.

To let the moment to pass. When you have no control of your thoughts and heart, it is not so easy to let this moment pass by. But you have to let the moment pass by as there is no other go.

It is like tying your legs to a tree and asking you to run,

It is like tying your thoughts to a tree and asking you think,

It is like tying your emotions to a tree and asking you to react,

It is like tying your words to a tree and asking you to speak.

It is like tying your Anoop

© People and Hearts

Frozen by an Illusion

Frozen by an Illusion
Frozen by an Illusion

Burning the dreamy shadows of illusion
that drew the smokey eyes.
Shedding the moistened leaves of illusion
that deceived the fading greenery.
Frozen by an illusion.

Attenuating the deafening voices of illusion
that disguised the lifting melody.
Vaporizing the hypnotic rain of illusion
that cozened the melting rainbows.
Frozen by an illusion.

Anoop © People and Hearts

Me, Moon, Wind, Silence and the Night

Torn away from the busy world,

Sitting calm as nothing to look forward,

Winds dash me to look up to the skies,

Looking up at the skies with my hand on the chin,

Felt the vibrating silence surrounding me,

As I had nothing to say but only emptiness,

Now the void was filling up,

As the moon, the night and the wind were lending me their shoulders,

The vobbling silence continued,

As I looked on unconvinced at the moody moon,

The night filled the emptiness with its dark shades,

I looked on clueless as the wind caressed the sleeping trees…


– Anoop
© People and Hearts




Broken Words

Broken Words.  Photo Credits:
Broken Words
Photo Credits:

Trying to describe the moment of despair felt by two people,
Living in two different corners of the world,
Trying to describe the silence between the two people,
Carrying the burden of shattered memories,
Those unsaid words, those broken words…

Trying to visualize the meeting between two people,
Looking into their eyes for one last time,
Trying to feel the emotions communicated between the two people,
Holding their hands for one last time,
Those final words, those broken words…

– Anoop
© People and Hearts