His Inner Colours

He has a habit of painting memories,

And he painted the memories inside his heart,

He has a habit of hiding his colours,

And he called them his inner colours…


It often rains inside his heart,

But his inner colours never fade,

It has been months and years,

But he preserves these colours with care…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

The Mask that Fell

Image Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/98261679@N05/14293173351/in/photostream/

Holding him from emoting,
Stopping him from breathing,
The mask had engulfed him once,
Killing his soul…

Fading into the fog gradually,
Loosing its grip,
The mask fell apart,
Restoring his soul back…

Emoting through his eyes,
Creating new memories,
He opens up his heart,
Falling in love…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

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Lyrical Magical Wall

Lyrical Magical Wall –  Painting Credits: https://www.facebook.com/tintsandtinges

This magical wall attracts me like never before,
Undressing the dreamy child in me,
The magical wall smiles at me,
Invoking millions of colourful memories in me.

This magical wall excites me like never before,
Whistling at me like my menacing childhood friend,
The magical wall hugs me to my delight,
Pulling me to its scintillating beauty.

This magical wall makes me crave for my childhood,
Narrating its own story in lyrical style,
The magical wall touches my heart poetically,
Syncing like a rainbow of silent paintings and talkative poems.

This magical wall amazes me about its soulful tree,
Treasuring countless memories of photographs,
The magical wall holds the fallen leaves close to its heart,
Making the birds and the child in me to fly…

  • Anoop © People and Hearts

Pathways that Hold Memories Intact

Pathways that Hold Memories Intact, Photo Credits : Anoop @People and Hearts

The pathways that we walked on years ago, had something to share to the numb eyes. The vision of the eyes were eager to learn the secrets of the pathways.

Time changed from days to months and then to years. But the pathways weren’t guilty for the changes taking place. The pathways stood there standstill with the changing times and changing people.

The pathways are like a haunting song that clings on to people’s hearts. The pathways hypnotize people who fall prey to the song. In the end, the eyes start to visualize a dream known as the memories.

The pathways that hold memories intact…

  • Anoop @People and Hearts

Two People and Two Fears

Fear is an emotion that is seen in everyone. Sometimes, this fear drives us forward. Sometimes, this fear drowns us.

Here are two people who lead different lives with two different fears. Despite the difference in the fears, these two people are interlinked with a common factor called the memories. The depth of their memories made their fears more vulnerable.

Photo Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ginaballerina/8739099803/in/photostream/
Photo Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ginaballerina/8739099803/in/photostream/

Eight years ago…

A breakup for reasons unknown even to them makes this complex. They broke up but both of them never knew what went wrong in their relationship. So the wall came crumbling down onto their lives.

Eight years later…

Their lives are a lot different now. The world around them has changed completely in these eight years with an exception. Memories were the only thing that were unchanged.

Her fear,

The memories implanted a fear in her, which she doesn’t want to face it. She feared to meet him again. She feared to see him again. She feared to talk to him again. She feared to hear his resonating words again. She feared him. She feared if she sees him again, her life would be affected. She kept running away from him. She kept her eyes closed. She hid herself from him and his shadow.

His fear,

The memories implanted a fear in him, which he doesn’t want to face it. He feared not to meet her again. He feared not to see her again. He feared not to talk to her again. He feared not to hear her resonating words again. He wanted to see her one last time. He wanted to talk to her one last time. He kept his eyes open. He kept himself open to her and to her shadow. He wished to move on by talking to her one last time.

What will happen to the fear? Even they both are unsure about the fate of their fears as similar to their breakup for reasons unknown.

– Anoop
© People and Hearts