Love Surprises the Melancholic Heart


Just when the colours of love appeared to blotch,

Just when the layers of love began to melt into clueless waves,

The melancholic heart is endeared by the perplexing love itself,

Thereby surprising the revived heart for a revival…

Anoop © People and Hearts

Holding these Caressing Flowers

Gathering all the excited pieces of my heart,

Picking all the nicest flowers of my life,

I’m here, holding these caressing flowers,

I’m here, hoping to see your gleaming eyes,

I’m here to give you my singing heart,

I’m here to give you these smooching flowers,

Finally, I’m here to say that I love you…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

The Mask that Fell

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Holding him from emoting,
Stopping him from breathing,
The mask had engulfed him once,
Killing his soul…

Fading into the fog gradually,
Loosing its grip,
The mask fell apart,
Restoring his soul back…

Emoting through his eyes,
Creating new memories,
He opens up his heart,
Falling in love…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

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Strong Winds Make me Poetic Again…

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– Anoop
© People and Hearts

People and Hearts

The winds, strong enough to make me poetic again,
The impact is clearly evident, as the winds kiss the trees with strong passion.
The flying trees make me dream again,
The visual of the most dazzling girl on earth,
Having her hair cut loose in the direction of the moving winds.

The winds, strong enough to make me poetic again,
The chemistry is clearly evident, as the raindrops kiss her lips,
The visual makes me to realize,
The love is near and I’m in love again…


© People and Hearts

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