Those Eyes

When she opened her eyes, I knew it, 

I have seen those eyes before, 

I knew those eyes more than anyone else, 

Those eyes narrated a story without the need for words, 

I could feel the intensity of those eyes, 

When she opened her eyes, I knew it, 

Those eyes were a reflection of my eyes,

And she is my daughter…

— Anoop © People and Hearts 

The Caged Redemption
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To my master who disrupted my flight,

My wings have lost its vigor,

My confidence to fly to the distant corners has dwindled,

My eyes have turned pale and lifeless,

My voice has lost its song,

You have turned me into a caged bird…


But something down from my heart tells me,

I have wings,

I can fly,

I can sing,

I’m a bird,

I’m waiting for my caged redemption…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

The Mask that Fell

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Holding him from emoting,
Stopping him from breathing,
The mask had engulfed him once,
Killing his soul…

Fading into the fog gradually,
Loosing its grip,
The mask fell apart,
Restoring his soul back…

Emoting through his eyes,
Creating new memories,
He opens up his heart,
Falling in love…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

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Stumbling Over Shadows

People and Hearts

Listening to the heart wasn’t easy,
Following the thought process of mind was hell,
Believing the inner voice was suspicious,

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Heart had a queer way of expressing itself,
Eyes fancied the strange changes with difficulty,
Ears never listened to those timid expressions,

I was stumbling over my shadows…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

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Silence of the Mirror

Once walking herself into the undefined obscurity,
His eyes searched her through the valleys of uncertainty,
As he needed a mirror to see her again.

Tiring in vain in search of her,
His eyes ache seeking an answer,
As he needed a mirror to see her again.

Following the directions and paths she traveled,
His eyes bleed with the uncertainty of her whereabouts and existence,
As he needed a mirror to see her again.

When he was looking into the mirror,
There was she looking at his eyes through the mirror,
As her staring gaze sent a mystery of silence in him.

When the mirror reflected the silence in him,
The deadly silence revealed millions of buried emotions in them,
As the mystery clouded his eyes.

Time controlled their journey of silence,
With words left untold to her,
Left he looking into the mirror of mystery…

  • Anoop © People and Hearts

She Was Reading My Eyes

There was a moment of silence,
When words vanished from her mouth,
The sweetened silence flowed through us,
As my eyes were speaking to her silently…

There was a moment of silence,
When I cuddled her hands with a breezy feather,
The colorful silence splashed its invisible colors on us,
As my eyes were narrating a fairytale to her…

There was a moment of silence,
When I smiled at her with happiness from rainbows,
The rhythmic silence played its muted notes on us,
As she was reading my eyes silently…

  • Anoop
    © People and Hearts

Unspoken Words in Our Eyes

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Our eyes can reveal millions of ideas and thoughts. But what if those timid eyes could never utter those words. What if those eyes never had the courage to reveal those words to the people concerned.

Eventually, these words take their form  as the unspoken words. And those words will resonate in our ears as haunting echoes throughout our lives.

Those unspoken words hidden in our eyes…

  • Anoop © People and Hearts

Stumbling Over Shadows

Listening to the heart wasn’t easy,
Following the thought process of mind was hell,
Believing the inner voice was suspicious,

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Heart had a queer way of expressing itself,
Eyes fancied the strange changes with difficulty,
Ears never listened to those timid expressions,

I was stumbling over my shadows…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

Mirror – An Illusionist

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Mirror – An Illusionist. Photo Credits:

When you stand before the mirror, it reminds you about a person who you are. The mirror projects a summary of your character and the inner soul.

The mirror reminds you how you see yourself as a person. The mirror is a bridge connecting your past and your present. It is the proof of your existence.

The mirror is the gateway through which you speak to yourself. It hides millions of lies and truths. The mirror is an illusionist who will trick you, if you don’t watch it closely.

The mirror is your eyes.

– Anoop © People and Hearts

My Eyes Admired Her Raining Smile Silently

Smile -  Photo Courtesy:
Smile – Photo Courtesy:

When my wandering mind and cloudy eyes were searching for focus,

Flew the bubbly butterfly by spreading its green and pink wings,

Following her elegant footsteps like a crawling infant,

Standing on the slippery green grass to see her sipping coffee,

Turning my oscillating head towards her to see her speak,

Praying for the moistened breeze to blow to make her look at my eyes,

Smiled the serene butterfly at my dreamy eyes,

Then my eyes admired her raining smile silently…

  • Anoop © People and Hearts

Pathways that Hold Memories Intact

Pathways that Hold Memories Intact, Photo Credits : Anoop @People and Hearts

The pathways that we walked on years ago, had something to share to the numb eyes. The vision of the eyes were eager to learn the secrets of the pathways.

Time changed from days to months and then to years. But the pathways weren’t guilty for the changes taking place. The pathways stood there standstill with the changing times and changing people.

The pathways are like a haunting song that clings on to people’s hearts. The pathways hypnotize people who fall prey to the song. In the end, the eyes start to visualize a dream known as the memories.

The pathways that hold memories intact…

  • Anoop @People and Hearts


Reflections – Photo Credits: cosmin ban (

You don’t need a mirror to reflect. Reflections are here, there, everywhere and forever. Reflections are omnipresent!

Reflections have their own colors and layers that define different moods. Reflections are complex!

People reflect happiness with their smile. Couples reflect love with their eyes.  Reflections are captivating!

Your words reflect what your mind thinks. Your thoughts are the powerful reflections of what you feel about yourself, others and life. Reflections are self-driven!

Memories are the reflections of your past that you treasure and detest.  Reflections are infectious!

Reflections emerge even from a pool of water.

What you see or believe  is not always true. So watch closely. Reflections are deceptive!

– Anoop
© People and Hearts

Purple Shaded Sky Turned Drowsy

Purple Sky Turned Drowsy
Purple Sky Turned Drowsy (Photo Credits: Anoop © People and Hearts)

When bottled up emotions burst onto the colorless wall,
Eyes perceived the change of colors on the wall.
When the scattered emotions was born as a cocktail of colors,
Heart recognized the lost shades of each color.

When tears rolled from the defeated eyes,
The defenseless wall portrayed a purple shaded sky,
When the hands touched the feeble wall,
The purple shaded sky turned drowsy.

– Anoop
© People and Hearts

When Eyes Speak

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When you look into my eyes,

I stop thinking, I stop breathing,

When I look into your eyes,

You start thinking, you start breathing hard.

When you look into my eyes,

My eyes start singing love,

When I look into your eyes,

Your eyes start smiling love.

When you look into my eyes,

My eyes start writing a poem,

When I look into your eyes,

Your eyes start reading my poem.

– Anoop

© People and Hearts

Hiding Behind the Whispering Tree

Hiding behind the whispering tree,
Closing my left eye childishly,
Looking at the playful raindrops,
Looking with my right eye unceasingly,
I watched the lady touching the flying raindrops.

Hiding behind the singing tree,
Tilting my head unknowingly,
Looking with my eyes amazingly,
Touching those colorful raindrops with my hands,
I watched the lady splashing the smiling raindrops.

Playing with the jumping raindrops,
Looking at the drenching tree unknowingly,
Slowing down her actions purposefully,
Holding those magical raindrops in her hands,
The lady looked at my watery eyes with a raining smile.

  • Anoop

© People and Hearts

The Mystery Girl with Glasses

A quick glance of the scene here!

A half-crowded public bus, a guy sitting and glancing at the surroundings. The bus stopped. A girl with glasses on, enters the bus. The scene begins from here.


I was sitting inside the bus and looking at the moving buildings and people. (A pun intended, as here, there are no moving trees and greenery in a city these days). When the bus stopped, a mystery girl boarded the bus. She was accompanied by two of her friends. This girl sported glasses and so do I. This was the first instant connection between us.

I wondered as my heart said something to me, “Keep focusing on the girl and keep looking at her”.

Great people have said to follow your heart. So I decided to listen to those great people by following my heart. Yes! I gave her my first glance and I kept looking at her very eagerly. My heart felt a closeness to the girl.  I can tell you that! She was very unique.

Man, I was continuously looking at her, as my eyes knew that her eyes too were interested in me. The girl with the glasses stared at me, thereby igniting the sparkle in my eyes. “Why is he looking at me like this?”, she thought in her mind. I could read her thoughts with that angry stare. But still my heart said, “Follow what I’m saying idiot”. And I kept looking at her childishly.

Now, I was reading her lips, as she spoke to her friends. Her conversation was like a supersonic aircraft. I couldn’t read any of her words. But the way she spoke captured my attention. The time speed was slowed by three times to the usual time speed on earth. She was smiling and speaking. I was loving the way she was speaking even though I couldn’t neither hear anything nor interpret anything.

Next was a thunder shower that struck me. The girl looked at me for the second time. Yes man, she looked at me again. This time, it was a positive sign, as she looked at me with a smile. I was able to smile at her.

I thought for a while, why the hell am I looking at her like this? I did not have an answer. But the girl had a magic and she had cast a spell on me. I was focusing at her wristwatch this time. She wore a trendy watch and it showed that she was modern. The girl was indeed modern. This was evident from her attire and body language. Her long curly hair was moving in the direction of the wind. I was enjoying this lovely synchronization of nature and beauty.

Her friends were about to get down from the bus. She said goodbye to them by waving her hands. The mystery girl gave me her third glance. But now the smile got vanished from her lips. This woman had took me to a different world in a matter of 15 minutes. I couldn’t take my eyes of her. I wiped my glasses with a cloth and put them on again to get a better view of her.

Now, the girl turned to my side. She gave me her fourth glance as she came closer to me. My heart was beating hard and the heart beat rate increased as she neared me. This time, the fourth stare lasted for about five seconds. I knew that life was a song in just five seconds. I was about to say ‘Hi’ to her. But this moment was broken when the bus slowed down.

The 20-minute adrenalin rush came to sudden halt. She got down from the bus by leaning to the left-side of the door. The fifth glance arrived but to signal a goodbye. My eyes became saddened and I looked at her as the vehicle moved away from her. The sixth glance was short lived. I did not do anything and as I sat back with a confused thought.

Who was she? Why did I look at her? Why I smiled at her? Why she looked at me? Why didn’t I do anything when she left the bus?

I did not have any answers with me. There was only one thing that I knew. The mystery girl with glasses has blown me down.


© People and Hearts

Frozen by an Illusion

Frozen by an Illusion
Frozen by an Illusion

Burning the dreamy shadows of illusion
that drew the smokey eyes.
Shedding the moistened leaves of illusion
that deceived the fading greenery.
Frozen by an illusion.

Attenuating the deafening voices of illusion
that disguised the lifting melody.
Vaporizing the hypnotic rain of illusion
that cozened the melting rainbows.
Frozen by an illusion.

Anoop © People and Hearts

Broken Words

Broken Words.  Photo Credits:
Broken Words
Photo Credits:

Trying to describe the moment of despair felt by two people,
Living in two different corners of the world,
Trying to describe the silence between the two people,
Carrying the burden of shattered memories,
Those unsaid words, those broken words…

Trying to visualize the meeting between two people,
Looking into their eyes for one last time,
Trying to feel the emotions communicated between the two people,
Holding their hands for one last time,
Those final words, those broken words…

– Anoop
© People and Hearts