If walls had ears!

If walls had ears!

There was a time when my words had a flow,

But deep inside me I felt inertly hollow,

As the world’s ears had something else to follow,

Slowly my words withered and turned shallow,

Feeling miserable, I hid my words in a vanishing burrow,

I wished if the invisible walls beneath had ears to follow,

To wake my words to bring back the bygone flow…

Anoop © People and Hearts

Unspoken Words in Our Eyes

Photo Credits: https://flic.kr/p/pjaep3

Our eyes can reveal millions of ideas and thoughts. But what if those timid eyes could never utter those words. What if those eyes never had the courage to reveal those words to the people concerned.

Eventually, these words take their form  as the unspoken words. And those words will resonate in our ears as haunting echoes throughout our lives.

Those unspoken words hidden in our eyes…

  • Anoop © People and Hearts