The Mystery Girl with Glasses

A quick glance of the scene here!

A half-crowded public bus, a guy sitting and glancing at the surroundings. The bus stopped. A girl with glasses on, enters the bus. The scene begins from here.


I was sitting inside the bus and looking at the moving buildings and people. (A pun intended, as here, there are no moving trees and greenery in a city these days). When the bus stopped, a mystery girl boarded the bus. She was accompanied by two of her friends. This girl sported glasses and so do I. This was the first instant connection between us.

I wondered as my heart said something to me, “Keep focusing on the girl and keep looking at her”.

Great people have said to follow your heart. So I decided to listen to those great people by following my heart. Yes! I gave her my first glance and I kept looking at her very eagerly. My heart felt a closeness to the girl.  I can tell you that! She was very unique.

Man, I was continuously looking at her, as my eyes knew that her eyes too were interested in me. The girl with the glasses stared at me, thereby igniting the sparkle in my eyes. “Why is he looking at me like this?”, she thought in her mind. I could read her thoughts with that angry stare. But still my heart said, “Follow what I’m saying idiot”. And I kept looking at her childishly.

Now, I was reading her lips, as she spoke to her friends. Her conversation was like a supersonic aircraft. I couldn’t read any of her words. But the way she spoke captured my attention. The time speed was slowed by three times to the usual time speed on earth. She was smiling and speaking. I was loving the way she was speaking even though I couldn’t neither hear anything nor interpret anything.

Next was a thunder shower that struck me. The girl looked at me for the second time. Yes man, she looked at me again. This time, it was a positive sign, as she looked at me with a smile. I was able to smile at her.

I thought for a while, why the hell am I looking at her like this? I did not have an answer. But the girl had a magic and she had cast a spell on me. I was focusing at her wristwatch this time. She wore a trendy watch and it showed that she was modern. The girl was indeed modern. This was evident from her attire and body language. Her long curly hair was moving in the direction of the wind. I was enjoying this lovely synchronization of nature and beauty.

Her friends were about to get down from the bus. She said goodbye to them by waving her hands. The mystery girl gave me her third glance. But now the smile got vanished from her lips. This woman had took me to a different world in a matter of 15 minutes. I couldn’t take my eyes of her. I wiped my glasses with a cloth and put them on again to get a better view of her.

Now, the girl turned to my side. She gave me her fourth glance as she came closer to me. My heart was beating hard and the heart beat rate increased as she neared me. This time, the fourth stare lasted for about five seconds. I knew that life was a song in just five seconds. I was about to say ‘Hi’ to her. But this moment was broken when the bus slowed down.

The 20-minute adrenalin rush came to sudden halt. She got down from the bus by leaning to the left-side of the door. The fifth glance arrived but to signal a goodbye. My eyes became saddened and I looked at her as the vehicle moved away from her. The sixth glance was short lived. I did not do anything and as I sat back with a confused thought.

Who was she? Why did I look at her? Why I smiled at her? Why she looked at me? Why didn’t I do anything when she left the bus?

I did not have any answers with me. There was only one thing that I knew. The mystery girl with glasses has blown me down.


© People and Hearts

The Borderline of Being Single or Being Commited

I’m starting the first lines of this post with this unknown quote,


The quote has said it all as it is loud and clear to what it refers. I arrived at this point of time to write on a state of mind and heart when both are not in sync with each other. I call this state as the Borderline that will decide whether a person is single or is in a committed relationship. The situation could be a disaster for a person who is currently in a relationship. On the contrary, the situation could be a reason of instant excitement and relief who is currently single.


I’m narrating two scenarios. Read on…

When a person, who is single, looks around the people around him and finds the following things:

  • The people who are in a relationship are not happy with the love in their relationship.
  • They spend more time complaining and pulling each others legs.
  • The same people spend more time in finding faults with each other.
  • There is ‘ego and hatred in the air’ but ‘not love in the air’.
  • People’s self respect and freedom are put to scrutiny.
  • People are not allowed to follow their dream and passion.
  • People are not allowed to talk and socialize with their friends.
  • People are forced to show a fabricated love by hiding their true inner feelings and emotions.
  • People are crying inside but acting as if they are happy.
  • People telling to others that they are in love but actually they are in misery.

It is here that the person who is single, feels that he was fortunate not to be part of this egoistic and fabricated love.

When a person, who is single, looks around the people around him and finds the following things:

  • The people who are in a relationship are really smiling happily by holding each others hands.
  • The same people are communicating with their eyes more than with their words.
  • There are flowers flying all over along with natural and raw love.
  • The same people are allowed to follow their own passions and dreams.
  • People are allowed to socialize with their respective friend’s circle yet respecting each others privacy and space.
  • People are more understanding and sensible to deal with their sacrifices and lives.
  • People are making their relationship as well as themselves special and loving happily.
  • There is real and natural love in the air and everywhere.
  • Couples holding a single umbrella under the rain.
  • The same people are friends in real life and they are in love with each other.

It is here that the person who is single, feels that he was unfortunate not to be part of this real and natural love.

I feel that I’m fortunate not to be part of that fabricated love. This is why I’m taking my own time to find that natural love.


© People and Hearts