She Speaks Like a Lifting Breeze

Her voice resonates like a buzzing bee,
Her voice reaches my ears and plays with its lullaby,
Her voice makes me smile as she hums those enchanting words,
And I’m living a dream as she speaks like a lifting breeze…

  • Anoop @People and Hearts

My Eyes Admired Her Raining Smile Silently

Smile -  Photo Courtesy:
Smile – Photo Courtesy:

When my wandering mind and cloudy eyes were searching for focus,

Flew the bubbly butterfly by spreading its green and pink wings,

Following her elegant footsteps like a crawling infant,

Standing on the slippery green grass to see her sipping coffee,

Turning my oscillating head towards her to see her speak,

Praying for the moistened breeze to blow to make her look at my eyes,

Smiled the serene butterfly at my dreamy eyes,

Then my eyes admired her raining smile silently…

  • Anoop © People and Hearts

The Night Sings with the Breeze

Lying and looking at the rainy clouds,
The night was hearing the echoes of silence,
Hiding behind the gloomy clouds,
The moon was playing hide-and-seek.

Passing though the moistened trees,
The breeze came caressing the lonely night,
Looking at the skies devoid of the moonlight,
The silent night was singing with the lingering breeze.


©People and Hearts

Hiding Behind the Whispering Tree

Hiding behind the whispering tree,
Closing my left eye childishly,
Looking at the playful raindrops,
Looking with my right eye unceasingly,
I watched the lady touching the flying raindrops.

Hiding behind the singing tree,
Tilting my head unknowingly,
Looking with my eyes amazingly,
Touching those colorful raindrops with my hands,
I watched the lady splashing the smiling raindrops.

Playing with the jumping raindrops,
Looking at the drenching tree unknowingly,
Slowing down her actions purposefully,
Holding those magical raindrops in her hands,
The lady looked at my watery eyes with a raining smile.

  • Anoop

© People and Hearts

Strong Winds Make me Poetic Again…

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– Anoop
© People and Hearts

People and Hearts

The winds, strong enough to make me poetic again,
The impact is clearly evident, as the winds kiss the trees with strong passion.
The flying trees make me dream again,
The visual of the most dazzling girl on earth,
Having her hair cut loose in the direction of the moving winds.

The winds, strong enough to make me poetic again,
The chemistry is clearly evident, as the raindrops kiss her lips,
The visual makes me to realize,
The love is near and I’m in love again…


© People and Hearts

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The First Sign of Arrival

Struck the lightning to break the silence,
To signal the arrival.
With the lightning came the rain,
To wake me up.

Embracing a secret message,
Fell the rain on me.
Seeing this, whispered the mild breeze in my ears.
I knew this secret of arrival even before the rain knew.

Danced the rain heavily,
To interrupt the conversation.
Splashed the raindrops on my face,
To make me listen to its words.
Only I know about the mystery person who sent the message.

Amazed at the things happening,
Enquired I about the mystery person and the message.
Struck the lightning again,
To create a silence.

Touching my chin said the lightning,
Let that be a mystery.
With this, disappeared the lightning.
Smiled the breeze by parting its way.
Danced the rain in the dark.
Stood I in wonder about the first sign of arrival.

(To be continued…)


© People and Hearts