Two People and Two Fears

Fear is an emotion that is seen in everyone. Sometimes, this fear drives us forward. Sometimes, this fear drowns us.

Here are two people who lead different lives with two different fears. Despite the difference in the fears, these two people are interlinked with a common factor called the memories. The depth of their memories made their fears more vulnerable.

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Eight years ago…

A breakup for reasons unknown even to them makes this complex. They broke up but both of them never knew what went wrong in their relationship. So the wall came crumbling down onto their lives.

Eight years later…

Their lives are a lot different now. The world around them has changed completely in these eight years with an exception. Memories were the only thing that were unchanged.

Her fear,

The memories implanted a fear in her, which she doesn’t want to face it. She feared to meet him again. She feared to see him again. She feared to talk to him again. She feared to hear his resonating words again. She feared him. She feared if she sees him again, her life would be affected. She kept running away from him. She kept her eyes closed. She hid herself from him and his shadow.

His fear,

The memories implanted a fear in him, which he doesn’t want to face it. He feared not to meet her again. He feared not to see her again. He feared not to talk to her again. He feared not to hear her resonating words again. He wanted to see her one last time. He wanted to talk to her one last time. He kept his eyes open. He kept himself open to her and to her shadow. He wished to move on by talking to her one last time.

What will happen to the fear? Even they both are unsure about the fate of their fears as similar to their breakup for reasons unknown.

– Anoop
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When I Lost Her

Time has a penchant for making people realize the worth of few treasures that defy human intelligence and the time itself. The value of these treasures are understood when people lose them.

Likewise, I fell in love with one woman. By the time, I understood that I fell in love with her, it was too late. I realized the value of time at this moment.

When I was beginning to love her like a child who has got his power of vision for the first time in his life, she was drifting away from me forever. Time was too short for me to realize that I fell in love with her at the time of our separation.

I stood wondering what had happened while I was looking in her eyes.

“I love you”, said I.

“It’s too late now”, replied she.

“The heart doesn’t know how and when it falls in love with someone. It only knows to fall in love. Finally time shows what love really is”, whispered I.

– Anoop
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Broken Words

Broken Words.  Photo Credits:
Broken Words
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Trying to describe the moment of despair felt by two people,
Living in two different corners of the world,
Trying to describe the silence between the two people,
Carrying the burden of shattered memories,
Those unsaid words, those broken words…

Trying to visualize the meeting between two people,
Looking into their eyes for one last time,
Trying to feel the emotions communicated between the two people,
Holding their hands for one last time,
Those final words, those broken words…

– Anoop
© People and Hearts

Have You Survived the Wave? – A Take on Modern Relationships

   Mild breeze, romantic instrumental music, colorful garden with fully bloomed roses, birds flying around and finally we have a couple talking to each other, sat under a tree. This is one scene.Take a look at the other – Raindrops, late evening, smiling view of the moon, and we have a girl talking to her beloved over phone near the window. (Conversations over mobile phone)   One more scene – Blazing hot sun, under the bus stand, here we have a guy in his formal attire hooked to his headphones. (Different situation, but here too phone chitchat)

   Texting Scene – Late night 1 am, a dark room, with flashy light; here we have a gal texting “Wt doing dear” to her man.

Had enough of some funny case studies and it’s now time to shift the focus to the real topic. I’m indeed speaking about today’s love affairs, relationships, bla bla. So everyone might have experienced at least one of the above discussed scenes or would have witnessed it. My question is, have you really survived the wave called love, crush or infatuation? If yes, how did you manage to hold on to it? Do a self analysis or a flashback rewind, as in Indian movies.

It begins pretty fine, goes off well, may be for a period of one month or two months (May be a year or years in some cases). Meanwhile a small quarrel, happens to creep in and egos take birth in each others heart. What happens after this, may be a breakup or reunion?

Love, a four letter word that has countless meanings and emotions imbibed in it. How many love affairs have withstood their rein over the years? Very few have managed to survive the wave and carry it forward with the same kind of feeling and essence. 

   Yet still people fall in love, will fall in love and will always fall in love. This is one perennial saga of love affairs around the globe. 

Dedicated to all those people who have managed or haven’t managed to survive the wave called LOVE


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