New Poetry Book Launched

Poetic Sanchari

My new poetry book ‘Poetic Sanchari‘ is launched in Amazon.

Few of the handpicked poems that I’ve written in the last decade feature in this book.

Thank you my readers for all the support you folks gave me.

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Poetic Sanchari book ia available at this URL

  • Hardcopy –

  • Ebook – People and Hearts: Magic through words…
  • The Killer Elephant’s Journal

    There is a new book suggestion which I happened to stumble upon accidentally. It is a debut novel. And I was surprised to read the mystery and the suspense the story had.

    An interesting read…

    Here is the URL to the book.

    The Killer Elephant’s Journal  – written by Sreevalsan

    Try it out if you like to… Definitely it’s worth your time.

    The ABC Murders – A Different Path Unravelled

    The ABC Murders - Agatha Christie
    The ABC Murders – Agatha Christie

    This time, Agatha Christie uses a new approach to reveal the mystery in her 1939 classic ‘The ABC Murders‘.  The author makes readers to think differently unlike her other creations.

    The logic and methodological deduction technique is put to test here. The final revelation of the murderer surprises the readers. It’s Christie and Poirot who have the last laugh when the novel concludes. The murderer gives Hercule Poirot a hard time testing the detective’s grey cells.

    The ABC Murders –  fresh and completely out of the box!  A new twist to cold-blooded serial killings. Mystery readers will love it. Grab your copy now!

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    Started Writing My First Book

    Friends, I’m happy to share to the world that I’ve started to write my First Book. I’ve finally begun working on my dream of publishing my first book.

    I know that writing a book and finally publishing it is not an easy job. But I’m more thrilled to take up that challenge of publishing my first book.

    I must thank one person for instilling the confidence in me for taking this step. And I’m very thankful to my lady, my love, who looked into my eyes and said, “You must write and publish your book”.

    If she hadn’t told me those words, I would have remained inside the shell thinking that I will publish my book one day. But when? I didn’t know!

    Now, I’m sure that day is not far. So busy and difficult days ahead. I’m gonna make it a reality.

    I’m gonna work hard for that with utmost sincerity and dedication.

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    And Then There Were None – Spot On

    And Then There Were None - Image Courtesy - Wikipedia
    And Then There Were None – Image Courtesy – Wikipedia

    When you hold the masterpiece of Agatha Christie‘s And Then There Were None, you feel the thrill and suspense at its peak. ‘And Then There Were None‘ is  unarguably the world’s best-selling mystery novel with 100 million sales recorded so far.

    Christie has pulled this off in style, where the identity of the murderer is the toughest foil to crack. Clean narration and writing brings the story come alive in the most unexpected way.

    If you haven’t yet read ‘And Then There Were None‘, grab the book from the stores immediately.

    Agatha Christie rolls the dice in her own trademark style of suspense and twists. A compelling read!

    – Anoop © People and Hearts

    Agatha Christie’s Peril at End House – Predictable

    Peril at End House
    Peril at End House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Taking a look at Agatha Christie‘s work – Peril at End House, published in 1932, this time. The story did not make an impression that it was supposed to do.

    Christie employs the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot as the central character for the story. Accompanying Poirot, Arthur Hastings returns to the picture playing his role well.

    Mademoiselle ‘Nick’ is in danger, as she had survived three narrow escapes from death. Poirot takes up his detective role into the case with the use of his usual ‘little grey cells’.  How the story unfolds from there is up to the reader to take care of. Interestingly, Poirot fumbles but makes up in the end with clear head.

    Narration by the author has its great flow till the end. But Christie fails to match the suspense and unpredictability seen in her other works. The reader is able to judge the accused even before the first-half of the story.

    Not the best from the stable of Agatha Christie but deserves a mention for its clean narration.

    Peril at End House –  a predictable peril in the end!

    – Anoop
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