Confident Enough to Sport a New Look?

Lately, a new look or style would have caught your attention. You think that this style will suit you and you really want to give it a try.

But you hold back by thinking what others will think about you. Will they laugh at you?

Don’t bother about others! If you feel that this look suits you and you are confident enough to carry it off. Just relax!

Take in a breath of fresh air and with ooze of confidence sport whichever hairstyle or look you like. Don’t worry. You can carry it off in style.

Only, ‘Attitude’ matters!

– Anoop
People and Hearts

Earning Success the Hard Way


I want to earn success the hard way. I want to go there, give my heart in whatever I’m doing. I want to give my best creation with utmost dedication.

I don’t want a shortcut to success. I want to go there, toil myself, learn more and do what I love.

I want to write more. I want to create magic in my writings. When people read my posts, they should witness magic and feel a satisfaction of reading something valuable. I want to be a good writer by the hard way. I want to improve day by day.

I’m not a son of a millionaire. I’m not a superman. But I’m a very ordinary person and I want to earn success by working my ass off.

I want to earn success the hard way,

I want to create magic in my writings,

I want to give my heart into my writings,

I want the magic in my writings to reach people,

I want to be a good writer through the hard way,

Writing this post from the bottom of my heart.

– Anoop © People and Hearts

How I Became a Creative Writer?

Poetry (Photo credit: V. H. Hammer)

I never thought that I will become a writer in my life. I never even thought about that. But there were some glimpses of my writing skills that I discovered in my college days. But one moment changed everything that I knew about myself.

I wrote my first poem when I was 11 years old about “Sun”. And that was the only poem I wrote in the next  eight years. After that I never wrote something like that until I fell in love.

I started to write poems based only on love. In my college days, I used to write leave letters, permission letters etc. for my classmates because they thought that I was good in writing. Despite studying Bachelor of Engineering, I found more affinity to English and writing. But one truth is that I never read books on literature, poems or novels. Yet still I loved writing. 

Love triggered my writing skills. And my best poems were based on love.

I used to write many poems and give it to my love. She would read it and she used to smile. I loved doing that.

It was during this time that I started to create short poems, type them as SMS texts and send it to my friends as forward messages. Forward SMSes  were a craze with youngsters about a few years ago. I used to type some code words as an identification of the SMSes that I created. I used to receive those forward messages that I created back to my inbox itself. I still get few of those messages as SMSes even after so many years. It was a good feeling to see that people are liking my poems and creations.

One day, one of my short poem was read in a regional FM Radio channel as the best forward message of the day.  

One fine evening, I was listening to the FM Channel, Radio City in 2006. The RJ read, “Here is the best forward message of the day“. And that was my poem that was being read live on air. I felt very happy to hear that. Fortunately, I was listening to the radio station. On that day, I understood that people have started to read and like my poems. It was on that day I decided that I will become a writer someday.

There was my English lecturer who used to encourage me to write more. Through the reference of my teacher and the Head of the Department of English, I got an offer to publish my poems as a book through a local publisher. I was asked to pay 25,000 INR for publishing it. At that time I thought I must not publish my poems as I didn’t have the maturity or mindset of a complete writer. The money was also a constraint. I felt bad for rejecting that offer. But now I feel that what I did was the right thing. I kept learning and wrote more to become a writer. Still I’m learning how to write better.

There was another friend who always supported and encouraged me to write more. That friend was the main inspirational force because of whom I’m a better writer now. I kept writing more and more. My dream was to have my own blogging website. Initially, several friends ridiculed me and never believed what I said. I said to them that one day I will have my own website for showcasing my poems, short stories etc.

Finally here I’m with my own website, People and Hearts

My next dream is to publish my collection of poems as my first book. Then I plan to publish a book on short stories.

I thank my friends and my close ones for supporting me to write. I want your kind support in the future too. I’m learning day by day.

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Going Bald with Attitude

Only few men are blessed with Baldness, a condition when men tend to lose their hair and become bald. However, only a few from that lot accept the reality that they are bald. While the rest of them hide themselves with a wig and fake themselves to the world. I’m writing this post addressing to those brave men who accept the reality and to those men who run away from the reality.

Sporting the Bald Look...
Sporting the Bald Look…

I see a majority of men sporting a wig to hide their baldness. They consider themselves to be weak before the rest of the world without hair on their head. They lose their confidence and self-esteem. And they fake it by taking this escape route. But when an other person sees them and finds out that it’s a wig. At that time, they feel very low about themselves. And from the other person’s perspective, the guy sporting a wig is considered a coward.

Now, consider those brave men who sport the bald look with attitude. They accept the reality and fact that they are bald. They consider themselves lucky to be bald. These men go bald gracefully. The baldness shows that the they are shouting to the world about their new bald look. These brave men have lost only their hair but they possess optimism, broad outlook, courageousness and more importantly the attitude. It is this attitude that makes them sexy.

Being bald is sexy and cool.

In order to prove few of my friends wrong, I went for the complete bald look. And that took people around me by surprise. They asked me that if I had gone mad? I said that I needed a change. I know the I will become bald after 10 years, so I thought how would I look after 10 years without hair. So I decided to try the complete bald look. I chose the right time for the look, as it was the arrival of summer season.

Yes, I just loved my new style. In order to compliment that look, I wore a brown bead chain and sported my favorite Goatee beard and black aviators. I went for the gangsta style with attitude.  But I did not sport an earring. As usual, people with narrow mindset hated my new look and there were people who just liked my style very much. But I didn’t mind.

I was sending a message to the world that going bald is so cool and sexy. After some days, another guy sported the bald look with a french beard. When we happened to meet each other, we smiled and gave a firm handshake. We have never spoken to each other before but the bald factor made us to connect instantly.

So, it is the attitude that makes the difference. I’m very happy to sport this bald look. It gives you style, attitude and the additional confidence to your personality.

Few famous bald personalities and celebrities

  • Bruce Willis – A German-born American actor, producer, and musician
  • Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – An American actor and professional wrestler
  • Andre Agassi – An American retired professional tennis player
  • ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin – A television actor, producer, and retired professional wrestler
  • Vin Diesel – An American actor, writer, director, and producer
  • Herschelle Gibbs – A South African Cricketer
  • Gary Kirsten – A South African Cricketer


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Letting the Moment to Pass

Letting the moment to pass.

It sounds so easy to read the above line. Sounds so easy! But at times, it is the most difficult thing to do.

To let the moment to pass. When you have no control of your thoughts and heart, it is not so easy to let this moment pass by. But you have to let the moment pass by as there is no other go.

It is like tying your legs to a tree and asking you to run,

It is like tying your thoughts to a tree and asking you think,

It is like tying your emotions to a tree and asking you to react,

It is like tying your words to a tree and asking you to speak.

It is like tying your Anoop

© People and Hearts