She is a Human Being – Respect Women

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She can be your mom, sister, grandmother, wife, love, daughter or friend,
She can be anyone,
She is a human being just like you.
Respect her!
Protect her!
Respect and protect women

— Anoop © People and Hearts

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Mother – A Dictionary of Goodness

Mother‘ – A dictionary is not enough to explain the meaning of this word. Even I’m not the right person to explain the meaning of the word ‘Mother’.

But there are a few who can provide the best description for ‘Mother’. And they are none other than:

  • the ones who haven’t seen their mother,
  • the ones who haven’t spoke to their mother,
  • the ones who have never opened their heart to their mother.

I was touched when I read it somewhere that a little girl who hasn’t seen her mother ever, drew a picture of a mother and slept on the picture. She consoled herself by thinking that the lady in the picture is her mother. That’s how the girl slept.

There are a few feelings that cannot be explained that easily. One of those feelings is the ‘Mother’.

– Anoop © People and Hearts

Song of the Pregnant Lady

It is tough to live a life like this woman. Carrying a child on her left arm and an unborn child, the lady is singing.

She sings for a living. She sings for feeding her unborn child. She sings for feeding her another child. She sings for feeding herself and her husband. Yes! She is pregnant!

She is tired. The rushing sound of the moving train is overshadowing her song. Amidst all these difficulties, she sings and makes a living. The song describes the pain and struggle she endures.

It is tough being a woman. She earns respect.

The song of the pregnant lady…

– Anoop

© People and Hearts