Burning Down the Flora and Fauna

Burning my heart,

Man, you killed part of me with the fires.

Standing motionless in time,

The half burnt baby kangaroo never complained.

When the fires spread across the forest,

We watched it and just watched it.

When the wildfires torched the mother nature,

Billions of muted flora and fauna rested in peace.

– Anoop © People and Hearts

P.S: For the millions of flora and fauna that died in the recent Australian bushfires.

A.R. Rahman’s Thiruda Thiruda – 20 Years Down the Lane

Throwback to the days of Thiruda Thiruda: 27 years

People and Hearts

Twenty years ago, in the month of October, India witnessed a revolution in Indian Music through the launch of A.R Rahman’s album Thiruda Thiruda.

Thiruda Thiruda Thiruda Thiruda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a six-year old in 1993, I was stunned to hear a song – Konjam Nilavu, played on the Radio. I’ve never heard such a kind of song in the Indian music sphere. The song was very unique. From the techno beats, high-pitch singing, singer, everything was new for me at least. A R Rahman had cast a magic spell with this song.


 A R Rahman changed the way people viewed Indian Music with Thiruda Thiruda. The album has a cult fan following ever since its release. The album included six songs of different genre and each one was a classic. This was the beginning that Indian Music was waiting for. Splendid music combined with innovation was the…

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How To Help Homeless And Unemployed People – Building And Modernising Social Centres and Homeless Camps

This is interesting

Libertas Nova

(Cover Image & Source: Is This The Future of The Modern World?, Homeless in Birmingham, U.K. @ Birmingham Live)

…The days are becoming darker and shorter, and the cold breeze of the winter that is coming fast warns us all, the homeless people, that it is time to find the right shelters, because winter in the north Europe can be extremely harsh and deadly, if you are not protected well against the cold, rain and snow. And especially against the cold wind, the real enemy of our sensitive and partly damaged immune system.

But where to find the real and permanent shelters when there is no such thing, at least not here in the capital od Scandinavia, frozen tomb of Stockholm. Problem that we all homeless and unemployed, foreigners as well as locals, have to take into consideration is that there are only two available shelters here in the…

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His Inner Colours

People and Hearts

He has a habit of painting memories,

And he painted the memories inside his heart,

He has a habit of hiding his colours,

And he called them his inner colours…

It often rains inside his heart,

But his inner colours never fade,

It has been months and years,

But he preserves these colours with care…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

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The Mask that Fell

People and Hearts

Photo Credits: https://flic.kr/p/nMkimc

Holding him from emoting,
Stopping him from breathing,
The mask had engulfed him once,
Killing his soul…

Fading into the fog gradually,
Loosing its grip,
The mask fell apart,
Restoring his soul back…

Emoting through his eyes,
Creating new memories,
He opens up his heart,
Falling in love…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

P.S: For the one who loves poems…

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Bellyfull Bites

Almonds are a good source of protein. This butter can be consumed guilt free as it doesn’t contain any added oil or sugar. Even kids who are hesitant to eat whole nuts will definitely love this butter. It can be used as spreads on bread, rotis, biscuits or it can be enjoyed as it is. Without any further delay let’s go take a look at how to make this quick and delicious almond butter.


  • 2 cups almonds
  • 4 Tbsp honey
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt


  1. Dry roast the almonds until they turn crispy and fragrant. If using an oven, evenly spread the almonds on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and toast for about 10 mins at 200 ° C.

2. Allow it to cool. Once cooled, transfer it to a mixer jar or food processor and pulse it for a few seconds till it…

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നിൽപ്പുണ്ട് ഒരു
ഒരുപാട് മോഹങ്ങളെ

രോഗശയ്യയിലെ പ്രണയിനി…

രോഗശയ്യയിലെ പ്രണയിനി…

രോഗബാധിതയായ പ്രണയിനി,യവൾ
ക്ഷീണിത ശയ്യാവലംബിയായ് കാണേ,
അല്പനാഴികനേരമിനിയുമാകരം പിടിച്ചിരി-
ക്കുവാൻ പിന്നേയുമാശിക്കുന്നവനുൾത്തടം!

മിഴികൾ തിളങ്ങുന്നു,
അമവാസിരാത്രിയിൽ തിരി തെളിച്ചെത്തും
മിന്നാമിനുങ്ങ് പോൽ!

ഹേ സഖീ,നീയവൻ വിളക്ക് മാടം!
തുണയേകുന്ന പ്രണയസൗധം!!

വിടപറയും നേരം
കൈത്തലമുയർത്തിയവൾ മെല്ലെ,
മെല്ലെ വിടർത്തി മാനസം,
വിടചൊല്ലുന്നവനോട് നിറവേദനയോടെ!!

അറിയണം നീയവളുടെ ജീവിതചുറ്റുവട്ടങ്ങൾ,
അറിയണം ആ ജീവിത സമരസപ്പെടലുകൾ!
കടുംകെട്ടായി തുടരുന്ന ബന്ധങ്ങളും !

സ്നേഹം വിടർത്തുന്ന പൂക്കളാവുക നിങ്ങൾ,
ആർദ്രതയേകുന്ന കാഴ്ചയാവുക!
കണ്ണീരൊപ്പുവാൻ പരസ്പരം മത്സരിക്കും കൂട്ടരാവുക!
വിടർന്നകലാതെയെന്നും തുടരുന്ന ജന്മങ്ങളാവുക!
ഓരോ മിടിപ്പുമങ്ങനെ ഹിതാനുസൃതമന്യോന്യമേറ്റുവാങ്ങുക!!

WE ARE PUBLISHED!!! – #PoetsForPeace



image copyright neha 2016 image copyright neha 2016

Hello Everyone!

Michael, Marie and I are so excited to announce that #PoetsForPeace is now LIVE and PUBLISHED in Praxis Magazine Online! We are so grateful to  Laura M Kaminski and Tee Jay Dan, editors at Praxis, for giving us this wonderful opportunity and working tirelessly in helping us get published!

We would especially like to thank all our contributors who helped make this project successful! We could not have done this without you!

You can view and download the publication here: http://www.praxismagonline.com/peace-poem-2016-poetsforpeace-collaboration/

We are thrilled that this collaboration will also be archived in the ‘Stanford University Archive’ of the ‘100,000 Poets for Change’ collection!

We hope you can all join us next year as we aim to make #PoetsForPeace a growing annual event!

Share and Spread the word with your friends and family! Please use #PoetsForPeace!

Cheers to #PoetsForPeace!

Michael, Marie & Neha

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Calling All Poets/Creative Minds to A Grand Collaboration – Poets for Peace



image copyright neha 2016

    image copyright neha 2016

Hello Everyone,

This collaboration is initiated by my talented friend Michael (M. Zane McClellan)  from the poetry channel and will be hosted here on forgottenmeadows. Many wonderful bloggers like Marie (https://writingwingsforyou.com/), Kim (https://zipsrid.wordpress.com/) and others have helped in putting this together and spreading the word out. The deadline for contribution is August 31st, 2016! I urge you to help us make this creative effort successful by joining in.Below is Michael’s message:

“In response to the recent unceasing, and, in fact escalating global violence, we have seen and felt a corresponding surge in poetry about it.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to share your thoughts and feelings, a piece of yourself, to add to other Poets from around the world. We are hopeful that the combined weight of our collective spirit and wisdom will be felt worldwide as well.


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On Being a Failed Writer

This article touched my heart deeply of being a failed writer. Success doesn’t come that easy. We got to earn it.

– Anoop @People and Hearts

Writers Without Money


At the age of 50, I am a failed writer. Except for a few articles on CounterPunch, everything I’ve published has been self-published. I’ve worked tens of thousands of hours, written hundreds of thousands of words, and have never made a dime. Had I spent the same amount of time at a minimum wage retail job, I’d be rich, or at least a shift-supervisor at Starbucks. I haven’t been able to find an audience. You probably won’t even read this.

So why don’t I quit?

I tried. From the age of 25 to the age of 50, I had one goal In life, to cure myself of the urge to write. But I failed. Let me explain.

The urge to write should never be confused with the ability to make a living by writing, or even the ability to express yourself by putting words down on paper. T. S…

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WANTED: 100 Kind-Hearted Volunteers

WANTED: 100 Kind-Hearted Volunteers…
Writing and completing a book is not that easy. I know it. Please help to spread the word about the new book of ellisnelson (http://ellisnelson.com/).

– Anoop @People and Hearts


elephants never forgotten 2THE BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE!

Please help me announce it to the world! Don’t just ‘like’ this posting. Sign up and help me out.

I’m looking for 100 people to help me get the word out about my new book, ELEPHANTS NEVER FORGOTTEN. On October 1 (Thursday) at 6 pm, I have set up a Thunderclap to resonate across the universe. Those who sign up will use their Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr accounts to send a one- time message announcing the release of the book. It’s easy! Sign up on my account page, and Thunderclap does the rest. Can more than 100 people sign up? You bet, but I need at least 100 people or the message doesn’t get sent. Oh- and by the way, the clock’s ticking. There are only 22 days left. Help!




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Write and Win – Writing Contest on Positive Words

Writing Contest Image Credits: http://positivewordsresearch.com/writing-contest-win-100-with-an-article-about-positive-words/
Writing Contest
Image Credits: http://positivewordsresearch.com/writing-contest-win-100-with-an-article-about-positive-words/

Dear Readers,

There is a Writing Contest  organized by http://positivewordsresearch.com  about Positive Words. We welcome you to join this contest and write any number of articles about how positive words improve well-being.

The winner gets $100 as the prize money for the contest. This is not about money alone. Write about your story or any incident that shows how positive words improve well-being. You can promote your article and get popular. You can make people happy through your wonderful articles.

So come and join the world of positive words…

For more information about the contest, please check the source http://positivewordsresearch.com/writing-contest-win-100-with-an-article-about-positive-words/

The contest runs for 3 months, beginning from  1 September 2015 to 30 November 2015. Registration is open now. Use the Contact Form to send Elena D. Calin the message regarding your wish to participate in the contest. The winner will be declared on 5 December 2015.

Special Thanks to Elena D. Calin, who is the organizer of the contest. Elena is the founder of the blog Positive Words Research. Elena has written several ebooks. To buy the ebooks, please check this source.

Anoop ©People and Hearts



Smoky Greenery – A Result of Pollution

Smoky Greenery – A Result of Pollution

People and Hearts

Smoky-greenery-pollution-nature Smoky Greenery – A Result of Pollution. Photo Credits: ©People and Hearts

Nature has lost its real color,
As the greenery imitates a shadow of pollution,
Pouring the acid of destruction onto the greenery,
Mother nature is seen smoking a pipe of death.

Mankind continues its guiltless atrocity,
As the mother nature sheds its tears in vain,
Cremating the nature in its on birthplace,
The greenery lives on as a smoky greenery…

— Anoop ©People and Hearts

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Every writer and artist must read this! ❤ ❤ ❤

The Renegade Press

“It ain’t about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. It’s about how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.’

-Rocky Balboa.

It seems as though every single writer at some point in their life attempts to describe their process through the analogy of boxing. I’m a fighter they say. I’ve been knocked to the ground and picked myself back up again just to get where I am! Oftentimes their stories are inspiring and can in some way be loosely tied into the boxing metaphor, but after a while they can all start to gel together and fall into a state of forget-ability. It’s a great analogy; don’t get me wrong. But ultimately it’s a terrible cliché that we creative folk have forever tarnished. Even as I wrote out the epigraph at the top of…

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Broken Words

Broken Words

People and Hearts

Broken Words.  Photo Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hahelal2/2587297277/ Broken Words
Photo Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hahelal2/2587297277/

Trying to describe the moment of despair felt by two people,
Living in two different corners of the world,
Trying to describe the silence between the two people,
Carrying the burden of shattered memories,
Those unsaid words, those broken words…

Trying to visualize the meeting between two people,
Looking into their eyes for one last time,
Trying to feel the emotions communicated between the two people,
Holding their hands for one last time,
Those final words, those broken words…

– Anoop
©People and Hearts

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Mirror – An Illusionist

Mirror – An Illusionist

People and Hearts

Photo Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jcdriftwood/8710913359 Mirror – An Illusionist. Photo Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jcdriftwood/8710913359

When you stand before the mirror, it reminds you about a person who you are. The mirror projects a summary of your character and the inner soul.

The mirror reminds you how you see yourself as a person. The mirror is a bridge connecting your past and your present. It is the proof of your existence.

The mirror is the gateway through which you speak to yourself. It hides millions of lies and truths. The mirror is an illusionist who will trick you, if you don’t watch it closely.

The mirror is your eyes.

– Anoop © People and Hearts

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Gift 7 with 5 positive words wrapped #give5positivewords

Positive Words Research

Today the gift with 5 positive words comes from Anoop the person behind the awesome blog People and Hearts.

The 5 positive words that we invite you to explore today are:

  1. BRILLIANCEresearch brilliance in the dictionary
  2. ABOUNDINGresearch abounding in the dictionary
  3. CHAMPIONresearch champion in the dictionary
  4. GENIUSresearch genius in the dictionary
  5. GLORYresearch glory in the dictionary

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Humbly Sorry for No Posts Last Month

I’m humbly sorry for not posting any articles in the last month. During this hibernation, I was spending my time reading other blogs and books, and interacting with people. It was a good time though but I did MISS MY WRITING.

I badly missed my writing. I always love writing. In the last month, I knew how much I missed writing.

I took one month of reading and learning curve that I desperately needed for my writing. I’m happy that I’m back.

So, I’m back again to weave magic with my writings…

  • Anoop © People and Hearts

Poeple and Hearts in 2014 – A Review

I’m feeling happy that my blog is reaching readers. I’m happy that people are able to connect with my writings. I’m happy that I’m trying hard to write more and better. I’m happy that I will create more magic through my writings.

Thank you everyone for your kind support and believing in me and my writing. I will write better in 2015 and the years ahead.

  • Anoop © People and Hearts

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,500 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 58 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Too far apart

Cristian Mihai

many“There are too many of us and we are all too far apart.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

I’m writing these words knowing that people from all over the world are going to read them. People of all ages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, of different religious beliefs. Most of them, I’ll never get a chance to meet. Most of them, I don’t know how they look like, what’s the thing they want most in this world, or what is it that they’re afraid of… most of them are perfect strangers to me.

Yet, simply by writing these words with these strangers in my mind, having the certainty that my words will reach them, they become a little bit more than strangers. They become human beings, just like myself, and that is one of life’s greatest achievements.

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Rhythm of the Clock

Style and a Half

We are painted by time. Our souls the brushes guided by the hours and days and years. Our wrinkles, our scars, strokes of paint the colour of life.

Art that lasts the fleeting forever of our lifetimes.

As we age, we lose our obsession with perfection, and allow time to paint its abstract beauty. For we all lie down to the rhythm of the clock.

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Motion of living

Reblogged… It moved me…

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Moving forward
This world a wave pushing me
In and out
Riptide tugging here then there
I float to escape into the horizon
To chart the course
Originally followed.
The sun shines like razors
Flashing into eyes
Blinding illumination
Reflected off of life
And into the soul
With clarity.
I reach out for land
Hands and knees pulling myself towards higher ground
Need to see the whole of it all
Not just one grain of sand
Under my nail.
The perfect shell tumbles along
Caught in the froth of a wave,
Gifts from the sea rolling
Come, see about me it calls
As legs move it along just out of reach.
I follow along the tiny prints digging into earth
Leaving zigzag marks as it skitters along,
It leads me to the grass
And I climb the dune to battered fences
And there before me a hundred perfect shells,

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Fireflies Glowing in the Rain

Fireflies Glowing in the Rain

People and Hearts

Rain days

Fireflies 2 Fireflies 2 (Photo credit: ShutterSparks)

When the umbrella couldn’t contain the rain,

People ran towards metal shelter.

When the rains lashed at the moving vehicles,

The roads imitated the City of Venice.

When the rains made the candles to glow,

The wicked lighting whipped its prowess.

When the winds blew out the candles,

I watched the fireflies glowing in the rain.

– Anoop © People and Hearts

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The Lost Letters

Style and a Half

   Its nails whisper through the edge of the envelope with a sigh like the rustling of leaves. The paper is old. Stale. It crinkles. The words weep, black on yellowing blotches. A mockery of the tears they were meant to produce.

   But the letter never made it to the addressee. Instead it floated through hands of wind until it ended up here, one amongst thousands, and all of them waiting, desperate to embed themselves within the heart of the intended and make their eyes bleed as the letters do now.

   The edges of the paper have begun to blacken as the words scream outwards in an attempt to be heard. But no one will come and claim them. There is no one to ease the pain of the emotions trapped within the walls of white.

   So It was born. Born of the longing of unread letters. It…

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Purple Shaded Sky Turned Drowsy

When bottled up emotions burst onto the colorless wall,

People and Hearts

Purple Sky Turned Drowsy Purple Sky Turned Drowsy (Photo Credits: Anoop © People and Hearts)

When bottled up emotions burst onto the colorless wall,
Eyes perceived the change of colors on the wall.
When the scattered emotions was born as a cocktail of colors,
Heart recognized the lost shades of each color.

When tears rolled from the defeated eyes,
The defenseless wall portrayed a purple shaded sky,
When the hands touched the feeble wall,
The purple shaded sky turned drowsy.

– Anoop
©People and Hearts

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The WordPress.com Blog

Calling all poets! April is National Poetry Writing Month — NaPoWriMo for short. Modeled after National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), NaPoWriMo is an annual project encouraging poets to write one poem each day in April.


We love discovering poetry in the Reader and are proud of the poets who call WordPress.com their online home, like Pushcart-nominated poet Kellie Elmore. If you’re an established or aspiring poet, or want to dabble in free verse, lyric essays, and more experimental prose, we encourage you to participate this month.

A poem a day

First time participating in a post-a-day project like this? We asked poet and publisher Maureen Thorson, the founder of this project, for advice:

Be open to the possibilities. The point isn’t to turn out a fully formed sonnet each day — although if anyone wants to try, I’m not going to discourage them! The point is to just…

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