Love Surprises the Melancholic Heart


Just when the colours of love appeared to blotch,

Just when the layers of love began to melt into clueless waves,

The melancholic heart is endeared by the perplexing love itself,

Thereby surprising the revived heart for a revival…

Anoop © People and Hearts

Look Into My Eyes

Look Into My Eyes Photo Courtesy: Anoop ©People and Hearts

Look into my eyes like you are visualizing the dream of a rainbow,
Fall into my arms like the waves hitting the shore,
Kiss my lips like the ice cream melting on the strawberries,
Love me like the dew rolling on the morning leaves,
Look into my eyes….

  • Anoop
    © People and Hearts

Hiding Behind the Whispering Tree

Hiding behind the whispering tree,
Closing my left eye childishly,
Looking at the playful raindrops,
Looking with my right eye unceasingly,
I watched the lady touching the flying raindrops.

Hiding behind the singing tree,
Tilting my head unknowingly,
Looking with my eyes amazingly,
Touching those colorful raindrops with my hands,
I watched the lady splashing the smiling raindrops.

Playing with the jumping raindrops,
Looking at the drenching tree unknowingly,
Slowing down her actions purposefully,
Holding those magical raindrops in her hands,
The lady looked at my watery eyes with a raining smile.

  • Anoop

© People and Hearts

Felt the Music Flowing

Lying down on the bed,
With the eyes half closed,
Entering through the window,
With the room in darkness,
Touched the light of faith,
To open the heart and eyes.

Listening to the heartbeats of faith,
The heart felt the music flowing,
Through the veins of love,
To reach the eyes of the faith,
Creating magic in the search of eternity.

Witnessing the magic of eternity,
The heart accepted the eternal truth.
Listening to the heartbeats of heart,
The faith felt the music flowing,
Through the veins of love,
To reach the eyes of the heart,
Igniting the warmth of true love and kiss.


© People and Hearts