Let Us End This

When you uttered those four words,

It was an instant kick to my throat,

Rapidly piercing my heart with a rusted spear,

Breaking our conjoined trust,

Tearing down the frail world that we built,

Leaving my soul to rot.

Anoop © People and Hearts

Unspoken Words in Our Eyes

Photo Credits: https://flic.kr/p/pjaep3

Our eyes can reveal millions of ideas and thoughts. But what if those timid eyes could never utter those words. What if those eyes never had the courage to reveal those words to the people concerned.

Eventually, these words take their form  as the unspoken words. And those words will resonate in our ears as haunting echoes throughout our lives.

Those unspoken words hidden in our eyes…

  • Anoop © People and Hearts

Materialistic World We Live In

The world that we live in is the same across different centuries and different civilizations. It’s Materialistic’.

People these days rarely care about the real and raw emotions. The relationships and bonding are characterized by materialism and money. People shower love with all those branded and costly materials.

There is one extreme, where people fight for broken pieces of bread to kill hunger. And there is another extreme, where people fight for pre-ordering iPhones to boast about their social status.

Materialistic World – Photo Courtesy: https://www.flickr.com/photos/70323761@N00/3918355676/

There are people who hide their love within and speak through silence and their eyes. And there are people who share their bedtime love stories and fights on Facebook and Twitter to flood social media.

There are also people who share a slice of bread happily and live their life in harmony. And there are also people who help the helpless and live their life unconditionally.

Yet life balances this parallel world of materialism and humanity. Life goes on…

  • Anoop © People and Hearts

When Eyes Speak

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When you look into my eyes,

I stop thinking, I stop breathing,

When I look into your eyes,

You start thinking, you start breathing hard.

When you look into my eyes,

My eyes start singing love,

When I look into your eyes,

Your eyes start smiling love.

When you look into my eyes,

My eyes start writing a poem,

When I look into your eyes,

Your eyes start reading my poem.

– Anoop

© People and Hearts

The Borderline of Being Single or Being Commited

I’m starting the first lines of this post with this unknown quote,


The quote has said it all as it is loud and clear to what it refers. I arrived at this point of time to write on a state of mind and heart when both are not in sync with each other. I call this state as the Borderline that will decide whether a person is single or is in a committed relationship. The situation could be a disaster for a person who is currently in a relationship. On the contrary, the situation could be a reason of instant excitement and relief who is currently single.


I’m narrating two scenarios. Read on…

When a person, who is single, looks around the people around him and finds the following things:

  • The people who are in a relationship are not happy with the love in their relationship.
  • They spend more time complaining and pulling each others legs.
  • The same people spend more time in finding faults with each other.
  • There is ‘ego and hatred in the air’ but ‘not love in the air’.
  • People’s self respect and freedom are put to scrutiny.
  • People are not allowed to follow their dream and passion.
  • People are not allowed to talk and socialize with their friends.
  • People are forced to show a fabricated love by hiding their true inner feelings and emotions.
  • People are crying inside but acting as if they are happy.
  • People telling to others that they are in love but actually they are in misery.

It is here that the person who is single, feels that he was fortunate not to be part of this egoistic and fabricated love.

When a person, who is single, looks around the people around him and finds the following things:

  • The people who are in a relationship are really smiling happily by holding each others hands.
  • The same people are communicating with their eyes more than with their words.
  • There are flowers flying all over along with natural and raw love.
  • The same people are allowed to follow their own passions and dreams.
  • People are allowed to socialize with their respective friend’s circle yet respecting each others privacy and space.
  • People are more understanding and sensible to deal with their sacrifices and lives.
  • People are making their relationship as well as themselves special and loving happily.
  • There is real and natural love in the air and everywhere.
  • Couples holding a single umbrella under the rain.
  • The same people are friends in real life and they are in love with each other.

It is here that the person who is single, feels that he was unfortunate not to be part of this real and natural love.

I feel that I’m fortunate not to be part of that fabricated love. This is why I’m taking my own time to find that natural love.


© People and Hearts

Have You Survived the Wave? – A Take on Modern Relationships

   Mild breeze, romantic instrumental music, colorful garden with fully bloomed roses, birds flying around and finally we have a couple talking to each other, sat under a tree. This is one scene.Take a look at the other – Raindrops, late evening, smiling view of the moon, and we have a girl talking to her beloved over phone near the window. (Conversations over mobile phone)   One more scene – Blazing hot sun, under the bus stand, here we have a guy in his formal attire hooked to his headphones. (Different situation, but here too phone chitchat)

   Texting Scene – Late night 1 am, a dark room, with flashy light; here we have a gal texting “Wt doing dear” to her man.

Had enough of some funny case studies and it’s now time to shift the focus to the real topic. I’m indeed speaking about today’s love affairs, relationships, bla bla. So everyone might have experienced at least one of the above discussed scenes or would have witnessed it. My question is, have you really survived the wave called love, crush or infatuation? If yes, how did you manage to hold on to it? Do a self analysis or a flashback rewind, as in Indian movies.

It begins pretty fine, goes off well, may be for a period of one month or two months (May be a year or years in some cases). Meanwhile a small quarrel, happens to creep in and egos take birth in each others heart. What happens after this, may be a breakup or reunion?

Love, a four letter word that has countless meanings and emotions imbibed in it. How many love affairs have withstood their rein over the years? Very few have managed to survive the wave and carry it forward with the same kind of feeling and essence. 

   Yet still people fall in love, will fall in love and will always fall in love. This is one perennial saga of love affairs around the globe. 

Dedicated to all those people who have managed or haven’t managed to survive the wave called LOVE


© People and Hearts