Rhythmic Rain


Rhythmic Rain Photo Courtesy: Anoop – ©People and Hearts

Reaching the ears was the rhythmic sound of raindrops,
That awakens the sleeping minds,
Getting into the groove of percussion,
The rhythmic rain sprinkles life to the greenery.

  • Anoop
    © People and Hearts

Rain, You are so Lame

This image shows a cloud to cloud lightning in...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rain, you are so lame,
Your darkness overshadows the night,
You have to take the blame,
Your infidelity ruined my night.
Rain, I hate you this time.

– Anoop

© People and Hearts

Fireflies Glowing in the Rain

Rain days

Fireflies 2
Fireflies 2 (Photo credit: ShutterSparks)

When the umbrella couldn’t contain the rain,

People ran towards metal shelter.

When the rains lashed at the moving vehicles,

The roads imitated the City of Venice.

When the rains made the candles to glow,

The wicked lighting whipped its prowess.

When the winds blew out the candles,

I watched the fireflies glowing in the rain.

– Anoop © People and Hearts

The First Sign of Arrival

Reblogging – The First Sign of Arrival…
As it goes to the next level of the story…


© People and Hearts

People and Hearts

Struck the lightning to break the silence,
To signal the arrival.
With the lightning came the rain,
To wake me up.

Embracing a secret message,
Fell the rain on me.
Seeing this, whispered the mild breeze in my ears.
I knew this secret of arrival even before the rain knew.

Danced the rain heavily,
To interrupt the conversation.
Splashed the raindrops on my face,
To make me listen to its words.
Only I know about the mystery person who sent the message.

Amazed at the things happening,
Enquired I about the mystery person and the message.
Struck the lightning again,
To create a silence.

Touching my chin said the lightning,
Let that be a mystery.
With this, disappeared the lightning.
Smiled the breeze by parting its way.
Danced the rain in the dark.
Stood I in wonder about the first sign of arrival.

(To be continued…)


© People…

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