Best Way to Create Water from Fog | Fog Catcher

Video on how to catch water from fog – Watch the video for more info…

There are many water saving techniques. But we hardly have any water creating technique. A simple but powerful technique is there to capture water from fog called Fog Catchers.

This technique is used from the medieval times but forgotten in the current timeline. Many NGOs and inspirational volunteers have brought this Fog Catching technology to the places that is deprived for water. And this technique is proven to be successful.

Let’s watch the above video to know more.

Fog Catchers – easy way to capture water from frog / air. Image Credits: People and Hearts

Please spread the word about this Fog Catching technology. This technique can be implemented at our homes and can be beneficial for the people who need water.


  1. Saves money,
  2. Saves time
  3. Saves effort
  4. Uses clean energy.
  • Anoop – People and Hearts

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Vicious Side of Rain

Vicious Side of Rain
Image Credits:

Where is the mildness in your character, you – Rain?
You whipped the vicious downpour on us…
We lie battered after the change in your character…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

Smoky Greenery – A Result of Pollution

Smoky Greenery – A Result of Pollution. Photo Credits: ©People and Hearts

Nature has lost its real color,
As the greenery imitates a shadow of pollution,
Pouring the acid of destruction onto the greenery,
Mother nature is seen smoking a pipe of death.

Mankind continues its guiltless atrocity,
As the mother nature sheds its tears in vain,
Cremating the nature in its on birthplace,
The greenery lives on as a smoky greenery…

— Anoop ©People and Hearts

Frozen by an Illusion

Frozen by an Illusion
Frozen by an Illusion

Burning the dreamy shadows of illusion
that drew the smokey eyes.
Shedding the moistened leaves of illusion
that deceived the fading greenery.
Frozen by an illusion.

Attenuating the deafening voices of illusion
that disguised the lifting melody.
Vaporizing the hypnotic rain of illusion
that cozened the melting rainbows.
Frozen by an illusion.

Anoop © People and Hearts