Someday, Somewhere and Someone

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Voids, losses, failures, sorrows, draught, famine, hunger, breakups, deaths, injuries, depression and loneliness all are synonymous with unfortunate things in life. Dealing with these odd things are difficult. You know it and I know it. But…

Even the unfortunate happenings have an expiry date!

I’ve realized few things in life through personal experience. I’m no scholar to tell you all these. But…

Life is the best teacher everyone knows. So this is how it goes…

Time is the answer for everything in life. There is dawn after night. Time is the healer.  We need a dark sky for the stars to sparkle.

The wait is worth living for. The wait and the patience spent for that one day is worth living for.

While we sleep we think that there is only darkness in a sleep. But always remember, dreams are born during a sleep.

I hope it describes everything better.

Wait for that day.

Your life will change someday, somewhere and with someone.

Wait for that day.

— Anoop © People and Hearts

Blurred Vision of Reality

Sometimes, life is hard. At times, it’s damn hard! The reality is too harsh that people find it difficult to accept it. They bleed pain then.

One must learn to accept the reality and find a solution sensibly. Accept it! Move on! Find a solution!

It’s not that easy to do. But that’s the only way out! Live a better life. Accept and move on.

The blurred vision of reality…

  • Anoop @People and Hearts

Following the Time

Following the Time Photo Credits - Edu Cesar (
Following the Time
Photo Credits – Edu Cesar (

It happens to most people throughout their lives and there is no escaping from it. The strings of such a moments are controlled by the ‘Time‘. Here, the time reigns superior than the human beings.

In these type of moments, you tend to wonder what had happened to you. The world surrounding you seems to drift apart. You are down, lost, confused and helpless. Your life is not under your control as you begin to understand it lately.

You would have given your best efforts and remained true to yourself and others. You would have wished for something good but unfortunately time had something different for you in store.  All your efforts have been fruitless. You feel that your heart is not able to accept it.

In such difficult times, your close ones would not be standing by your side. The people whom you loved would have moved away from you. You would feel that loneliness is overshadowing your once active life. There will be frustration deep down in your heart.

Despite all these hardships, you make efforts to move on and indulge in activities that help to give a diversion to your mind. As you anchor a new path and as times change, you realize that there is a new light appearing at the end of the dark tunnel. You understand that the crumbled world is giving shape to a new world to live in. You find new goals to work for and new wishes to hope for. You meet new people. And the vibe around you and your life has changed completely.

Lately, you understand that your life is much better now.  Your dear ones would have started to believe in you. Life would have changed for now, even though the change was a slow one. Thanks to the ‘Time’!

When you take a moment to look back at the things that happened yesterday. You realize that the past had a reason for the present life. Everything that happened was for a reason. All the broken pieces from your past have found a perfect place to fit in your present life. You feel that life is even more beautiful than ever.

You understand the power of the ‘Time‘. What you had done so far was following theTime‘. Finally, the ‘Time‘ has taken you to a new world.

Following the Time…

– Anoop
© People and Hearts


Reflections – Photo Credits: cosmin ban (

You don’t need a mirror to reflect. Reflections are here, there, everywhere and forever. Reflections are omnipresent!

Reflections have their own colors and layers that define different moods. Reflections are complex!

People reflect happiness with their smile. Couples reflect love with their eyes.  Reflections are captivating!

Your words reflect what your mind thinks. Your thoughts are the powerful reflections of what you feel about yourself, others and life. Reflections are self-driven!

Memories are the reflections of your past that you treasure and detest.  Reflections are infectious!

Reflections emerge even from a pool of water.

What you see or believe  is not always true. So watch closely. Reflections are deceptive!

– Anoop
© People and Hearts

The Merciless Modern and Civilized World

A scene during the busy hours of a Monday morning…

Vehicles were plying around the city continuously. Most of the people were busy with their mobile phones, either on a call or texting. Few others were waiting for their buses. There were also a few who were walking over the place without any hesitancy.

Among this crowd, there was a man in his seventies who was lying down with a pool of blood surrounding him. Few currency notes were flying from his pocket. Broken pieces of mobile phone were scattered around the place. The poor old man was knocked down by a speeding car while he was crossing the road.

This man was fighting for his life as he was bleeding profusely. He was suffocating.

The people surrounding the man were less bothered to see what had happened. They were busy in their own world. Sadly, only one guy from the group was ready to call for an ambulance. The writer, who was traveling in a public transport at this time, was just a spectator of this incident.

This is just an overview of the Merciless modern and civilized world. 


© People and Hearts

When I stopped and When I started…

When I stopped for one moment,
When I stopped listening to the sounds of the busy city,
When I stopped picking up calls and messages,
When I stopped running behind the imaginary world,
Then I knew that I hit the giant wall.

When I started to gain my consciousness back,
When I started to gain my breath back,
When I started to open my eyes completely,
When I started to hear my inner voice clearly,
When I started to feel and touch my heart slowly,
When I started to look at skies in the dark,
Then I knew that I’m alone.

When I started to accept the reality,
When I started to understand the reality,
When I started to appreciate the beauty of life,
When I started to look at the skies again in the dark and smile,

Then I knew that I was living.


© People and Hearts