Patience and Endurance – a Revival Technique

There’s nothing wrong losing a battle or a game. Here, a battle can be compared to a person fighting an incurable disease in real life! A game can be compared to a person or an animal struggling for the survival of its existence.

Losing or failing is not a bad thing! But losing your self belief is something to be bothered about. A defeat or setback can make you stronger both emotionally and physically, provided if you still have belief in your inner strengths.

Let’s revisit the quote from the movie, Batman Begins (2005).

“Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” – Alfred


There is greatness in a fall or defeat. A defeat teaches you more than a school education. To rise from a setback, a revival technique is essential to be adopted.

The Revival Technique can be put down as:

  1. Fall – You are crushed and beaten. You have to start all again from the bottom.
  2. Acknowledge – You have to acknowledge yourself that you have been defeated and it was not all that easy this time. But always remind yourself that you have not been crushed completely. Today or yesterday was a bad day. But there is always a dawn after a night.
  3. Pump up – Find inspiration from any source that gives you a thumping burst of positive energy. Search for your own sources of inspiration and stay with the flow.
  4. Find the courage -If you had found your inspiration, now it is time for setting up some courage to back you.
  5. Stay calm and practice patience We have seen this in the movie, The Shawshank Redemption (1994). The protagonist remains calm and works his way around with enough patience till the end. Your time will come but keep working hard for it.
  6. Endure the pain To achieve greatness, sometimes you might have to endure a little pain. But that’s all worth the pain. Endurance talks more about the mental and emotional strength. You cannot be defeated completely unless you allow it.
  7. Plan the hit Planning is another part of the revival technique. Planning your execution is mandatory before you execute. You have all the time for your planning. So make the most of it.
  8. Strike while the iron is hot! – Doing justice to this saying, execute your plan at the right time. You know it when it’s time. You will know it.

You must rise after your fall. You will rise for sure. The revival technique will work definitely. And the revival technique is working…

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RIP – Scott Dinsmore – Live Your Legend

I’m in a shock since I heard about the sudden death of Scott Dinsmore.

Scott Dinsmore, is the founder of Live Your Legend and has been inspiring millions of people with his TEDx talk.

Scott Dinsmore at TEDx talk. Image Credits:

Scott is the reason for whom I’m now. I took up the writing profession and started blogging after I gained confidence from his TEDx talk. He has been motivating people around the world to find out and follow their passion.

Scott was living his dream and going around the globe to inspire many. His motto was to change the world by allowing people to follow their passion. Unfortunately, he died in an accident on Mt. Kilimanjaro recently. But this will not stop the change that he has been doing. We will continue to live our legend…

Following are the reverberations felt in the online world due to Scott’s death:

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For the People with Messed Up Lives

I’m writing this post for the people who are stuck up and screwed up with their lives. This article could be of some help for these people who are clueless about their feelings and decisions. If you are one of them, please read on…

I’m just a stranger, I’m just a well-wisher and I’m just a friend who could help you in finding your solution, at least a path to your problems. The problem is with your mindset.

The fix for your problem is there in your head. Just take a leap of breath and open your eyes with a hope.

For the people who are hiding their feelings for someone and hesitant to open up. The only solution for this problem is to open up and speak out your mind. Go, ping, call, whistle, knock the door, text or do whatever you want. Just tell them what you really want to tell them. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is! If something is bothering you for so long, just let them know what it is. It is the only way you can deal with it. Don’t stop! Go ahead…

For the people who don’t know what to do with their career. If one profession is not providing you the money or happiness that you want, despite your efforts. Just think differently. Stop what you have been doing. Do it the other way. Find your other skill set or passion that will be the route to your happiness and success. It is in you. You were looking for it in the wrong places. Just have a reanalysis of your brain and heart. You have the answer inside you. Don’t stop! Go ahead…

For the people who are stuck up with a fear of losing or fear of fate. If you are worried about the fear of failure and fate, just dump the fear. The fear will take you nowhere. The only solution for this fear is to kill the fear by doing the things that you fear to do. Never care about what will be the outcome. If you feel you need to do this, just do it. Don’t stop! Go ahead…

I hope this could help you!

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A.R. Rahman’s Thiruda Thiruda – 20 Years Down the Lane

Twenty years ago, in the month of October, India witnessed a revolution in Indian Music through the launch of A.R Rahman’s album Thiruda Thiruda.

Thiruda Thiruda
Thiruda Thiruda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a six-year old in 1993, I was stunned to hear a song – Konjam Nilavu, played on the Radio. I’ve never heard such a kind of song in the Indian music sphere. The song was very unique. From the techno beats, high-pitch singing, singer, everything was new for me at least. A R Rahman had cast a magic spell with this song.

 A R Rahman changed the way people viewed Indian Music with Thiruda Thiruda. The album has a cult fan following ever since its release. The album included six songs of different genre and each one was a classic. This was the beginning that Indian Music was waiting for. Splendid music combined with innovation was the hallmark of this album. I became a hardcore fan of A R Rahman after hearing Thiruda Thiruda’s music.

Here is a review of the music album – Music Review of Thiruda Thiruda.

English: Indian composer A.R. Rahman opens the...
Indian composer A.R. Rahman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After 20 years, the album takes a revisit. To purchase the album, hit iTunes – Thiruda Thiruda – iTunes and Thiruda Thiruda – iTunes India.

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Dad – The Boy’s First Superhero

DAD bicycle JPEG
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It all began from here.

A toddler tries to recognize a scene, where a man, in his early thirties, kicks a plastic football. The man kicks the ball so high and runs to catch the ball. After catching the ball, he throws it high and catches it again by standing in the same position.

After watching the man, the toddler tries to imitate the man. But the two-year old boy fails and he passes the ball to the man by kicking it gently. The man lifts the boy up and says, ‘We will go back home son’.

From this day onwards, the toddler considered his dad was a superhero, who could fly, lift heavy objects, run faster and throw balls so high. The boy silently watched his dad and tried to imitate him. The little boy admired him silently.

The boy remembers when he was seven years old, his dad rode the bicycle up on a steep road. The boy sat on the front seat, which was fitted on the front rod of the bicycle. His mom sat on the back seat by holding his younger brother. The boy thought how powerful his dad was as he could ride the bicycle up on a steep road by carrying all his family.

Few months later, the boy saw his dad throwing stones at a tall tree, on which, a snake was lying. He was amazed to see his dad throwing stones so high and hitting the snake. As one stone hit the snake, the snake fell down in a flash.

‘My dad is a superhero’, the boy said to himself.

The boy began to observe his dad, the way he wrote, the way he spoke, the way he walked, and the way he combed his hair. The admiration for his dad was increasing as days went on. The boy learned about cricket from his dad. Then the boy went on to watch and play cricket by considering it as the boy’s passion.

When the boy did his homework, he tried to write in the same way as his dad wrote. He liked his dad’s handwriting and style.

The boy’s dad donned the roles of a plumber, electrician, cook, carpenter, engineer, singer and a musician. His dad had a trademark style in whatever he did. The boy loved the style in which his dad played the flute. Even the boy dreamed to don different roles in his life just like his dad.

As the boy grew up, he began to inquire about his dad to his grandmother and relatives. He understood that once his dad was an atheist. Knowingly or unknowingly, the boy, who is now in his late twenties, is an atheist too.

The boy learned that his dad loved to read. The boy decided to write about his admiration for his dad in an article. After writing the article, the boy planned to let his dad know about this article. Finally, the boy is about to reveal to his dad about the superhero.

Note: The boy is now a writer who is editing the final words of this article.

– Anoop

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