Stumbling Over Shadows

People and Hearts

Listening to the heart wasn’t easy,
Following the thought process of mind was hell,
Believing the inner voice was suspicious,

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Heart had a queer way of expressing itself,
Eyes fancied the strange changes with difficulty,
Ears never listened to those timid expressions,

I was stumbling over my shadows…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

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Silence Breaks With Her Smile

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The uncertainty ends here,
Hours of silence is broken now,
Accelerating my heartbeats,
Loosening my senses,
Floating on my restlessness,
Leaping onto the skies of thrill,
As she smiled at me…

  • Anoop © People and Hearts

Listen to Your Heart – It Never Lies


Stop running hard and spare a little time for yourself. There is someone who wants to speak to you. The person is none other than your heart.

Listen to what it is telling you. People can lie to you but not your heart. It knows you better than anyone else in this world. Stop fooling around!

Before it’s too late, listen to that trustable force who beats for you. Follow what it says by keeping your hand on your chest.

Your heart speaks the truth and knows what is good for you. The bottom line is that

Follow your Heart!

People and Hearts