About – People and Hearts

Welcome to People and Hearts,

Thoughts driven by madness and wild imagination is what my mind breathes,

My heart is the receptor of this addictive craziness,

And my writings are the creations of this passionate madness…

This blog is all about ‘People’ – it’s about you, me and us. It is about our emotions, life, happiness, sorrows, passions, struggle, love, relationships, success, inspiration, and many more. It is about anything that our heart can relate to.

This blog is for you, me and us.

Read and feel the magic through words…

Read and feel the real emotions felt by the human heart…

Being Human!

Happy Reading…

My friends call me Anoop.

I’m a creative writer with shades of a technology writer, vivid dreamer, unruly photographer, mobile technology enthusiast, nature lover, amateur engineerย  and a cricket enthusiast.

To get back to me, follow me on twitter @peopleandhearts

43 Replies to “About – People and Hearts”

    1. Thank you Audrey. Nice to meet you. Your blog is really good. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I will follow your writings from here on.
      Happy Reading,

  1. Hi thank you for stopping by my Blog and for the follow and like you left! I hope that you enjoy my Art ways of expression! You are doing a nice job here on your blog I will sure dig in and follow ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Visiting your blog was great.
    But it made me think of the comment box, which asks even for wordpress bloggers all details.
    There is no follow icon also.
    I think it has to be rescheduled, please think over this.
    You have followed me but you have not shown any presence of yours in my blog.

    1. Hi Shiva, thank you for dropping by. Actually, until yesterday, I was on WordPress.com. I have migrated to another website host. So that’s the problem while commenting. I’ll fix all the suggestions you gave in a week.

      I’ll roam around your blog soon and drop in my comments soon.


    1. Hi there. It’s been a pleasure to find your blog. There is thrill and happiness involved in finding new people and their art. I love to do that. WordPress is that ecosystem that allows us to find new people and blogs.

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