Enlighten Knowledge

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This is a very good informative piece Shiva. It needs careful reading. I’m bookmarking it for sure. This will help me for my research work. Thank you for your efforts on this article.”

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Yes Anoop it does demands careful, attentive reading. Good you have marked it. It also needs patience and devotion of time for that. You have should have a broad attitude towards it. If not for sure it shall not enter. By the way what kind of research are you doing? Let me know on what way it helps you.

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Enlighten Knowledge 

Enlighten Knowledge

Feel Absolute Transcendence

Lose Vanity – Sage

Right from birth the child starts acquiring knowledge, through observation, teaching, reading, writing, and by experience. Life in a way is to get enlightened of knowledge.

Fortunately one gets knowledge through parents, teachers, friends, community, books and discourses. The knowledge makes the person known in the society and shall bring him respect and laurels too. At the same time, it also brings with it, vanity into the person.

Most fortunate are those who are blessed and are able to get enlightened of absolute transcendent knowledge.

A little acquisition of knowledge brings with it such vanity; we can just imagine what sort it would be, when a person acquires the transcendent knowledge. So, a person when gets such knowledge he is called a scholar, teacher, pundit, scientist, intellectual, philosopher or a guide. But, he cannot or shall not be an…

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  1. Thanks for reblogging my this post.
    My next post is in continuance with this one.
    I am sure you shall like it.
    I admire the quality of your exploration.
    All the best for your endeavours. Anoop!

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