Calling Poets for Peace

Words are scarce to describe this turmoil,
When thousand innocents bleed,
Our hearts are torn down,
When the little ones weep,
Our eyes bleed tears.

Words are scarce to describe this turmoil,
When the world cries for help,
Our knees tremble with fear,
When the children lie lifeless,
Our humanity is questioned for its ruthlessness.

Words are scarce to describe this turmoil,
When the souls depart,
Our hearts seek peace,
When the world searches for peace,
Our world calls all poets for peace…

This is written for the initiative of Michael at as part of a collaboration with #PoetsForPeace, which is hosted in

— Anoop © People and Hearts

12 Replies to “Calling Poets for Peace”

  1. I have been reading a book that says we must each follow our own dreams. War is not a dream. Yet some make it so and drag innocents into their dreams of horror.

    May those who dream of peace come forward to bring hope and joy into this world, one honest word at a time. Be well and continue writing.

    I am far from a modern technologist. Blogging is about as far as my ‘technical’ reach goes.
    I hope my words go farther 😉

    1. Thank you Julespaige for your contribution. Sensible words and I appreciate the time and effort spent for article. Keep up the good work.


  2. This world of ours have become a killing field of the innocents. Those perpetrating this sort of inhuman acts should just introspect that this life of ours is only a coma and while they face the JUDGEMENT DAY, it would be a hard day for them.

    Thanks a lot for sharing a wonderfully worded poem.

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