Someday, Somewhere and Someone

Image Credits: © Anoop – People and Hearts

Voids, losses, failures, sorrows, draught, famine, hunger, breakups, deaths, injuries, depression and loneliness all are synonymous with unfortunate things in life. Dealing with these odd things are difficult. You know it and I know it. But…

Even the unfortunate happenings have an expiry date!

I’ve realized few things in life through personal experience. I’m no scholar to tell you all these. But…

Life is the best teacher everyone knows. So this is how it goes…

Time is the answer for everything in life. There is dawn after night. Time is the healer.  We need a dark sky for the stars to sparkle.

The wait is worth living for. The wait and the patience spent for that one day is worth living for.

While we sleep we think that there is only darkness in a sleep. But always remember, dreams are born during a sleep.

I hope it describes everything better.

Wait for that day.

Your life will change someday, somewhere and with someone.

Wait for that day.

— Anoop © People and Hearts

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