Stumbling Over Shadows

People and Hearts

Listening to the heart wasn’t easy,
Following the thought process of mind was hell,
Believing the inner voice was suspicious,

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Heart had a queer way of expressing itself,
Eyes fancied the strange changes with difficulty,
Ears never listened to those timid expressions,

I was stumbling over my shadows…

— Anoop © People and Hearts

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10 Replies to “Stumbling Over Shadows”

  1. That is the beauty of expression! 😀 **Alert**Some deep thoughts out here!!
    We take time to realize, perhaps that’s what makes it all the more beautiful!

  2. Dis is tragic state of human life.plz obey d order of ur heart coz heart is as soul n nearer to God.d heart never tell a lie.shadows r mere as illusion n deceive to person.

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