Frozen by an Illusion

People and Hearts

Frozen by an Illusion Frozen by an Illusion

Burning the dreamy shadows of illusion
that drew the smokey eyes.
Shedding the moistened leaves of illusion
that deceived the fading greenery.
Frozen by an illusion.

Attenuating the deafening voices of illusion
that disguised the lifting melody.
Vaporizing the hypnotic rain of illusion
that cozened the melting rainbows.
Frozen by an illusion.

Anoop © People and Hearts

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29 Replies to “Frozen by an Illusion”

  1. That’s hell of an illusion indeed! It’s intriguing Anoop. Nature is so beautiful and very much in sync with life and enjoying both in the form of a poem is wonderful.

    1. Thank you for noting down the poetical expressions about nature and life. Seriously, few readers capture it correctly. I’m happy you did it.

      Sometimes, I wonder if my creations are that complex to understand. But here you have made me to realize that my writings are not that worthless.

      Thank you so much Shambavi. Your comments have made my day. 🙂

      1. Ah I am glad I could understand the depth of this beautiful piece by you.
        I know the feeling very well when someone gets what you have tried to convey. It’s also interesting to hear versatile thoughts about few words of ours. Never consider yourself or your writing any less. Every soul has a pen but a different ink of expression and a different type of paper to express. 🙂

        1. Thank you. Yes the same feeling. It’s been sometime that I’ve written something of this calibre. Due to lack to motivation, I have refrained myself from writing.

          But these words will motivate me to write the better poetry.

          Thank you again!

          1. I’m so glad that I could motivate you in some way. We all need an inspiration and I believe it/he/ she lies in any corner of this universe. So keep yourself receptive, that would suffice! 🙂

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