Touch and Raise Children Like a Butterfly

My words are now complete with this painting. Thanks to Sibella for the painting.

— Anoop © People and Hearts

People and Hearts

TouRaise-Touch-Children-Like-Butterfly Painting Credits:
Thanks to Sibella from for the painting.

Every child is like a butterfly by heart. Children are the most blissful creation of nature.

And these butterflies are super sensitive like delicate rose petals. If you hold these tiny tots firmly, they will be crushed into broken pieces of painful memories. But if you touch them like a butterfly, they will fly like vibrant butterflies to the colourful meadows of earth.

Childhood days are the nest for these butterflies to flourish. They evolve through various stages of life and finally become the flying butterflies. For their evolution, they need to be fed with pure love, care and goodness.

A mother’s love is equivalent to a mother’s milk. There’s no replacement for this ultra goodness in life. All the proper mentoring and attention given to kids play a vital role in their evolution as a sensible human being.

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8 Replies to “Touch and Raise Children Like a Butterfly”

  1. Yeah.u r right.childhood is like butterfly.proper mentoring n attention on kids r compulsory for making them as a perfect person.beautiful thoughts u have.

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