Confident Enough to Sport a New Look?

Lately, a new look or style would have caught your attention. You think that this style will suit you and you really want to give it a try.

But you hold back by thinking what others will think about you. Will they laugh at you?

Don’t bother about others! If you feel that this look suits you and you are confident enough to carry it off. Just relax!

Take in a breath of fresh air and with ooze of confidence sport whichever hairstyle or look you like. Don’t worry. You can carry it off in style.

Only, ‘Attitude’ matters!

– Anoop
People and Hearts

2 Replies to “Confident Enough to Sport a New Look?”

  1. A very succinct and relevant post.

    “Only attitude matters.” That is so true! I’ve seen men and women as beautiful as a well-crafted wedding cake, yet when you cut through the glitz there’s nothing but ugliness under it. I’ve seen men and women whose outward appearances fade into the background as you fall in love with their spirit–the part of them that never dies.

    1. Yes indeed! Only attitude matters. The heart and spirit sustains the beauty of the person but not the outer appearance. Thank you so much 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the article.

      – Anoop

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