Purple Shaded Sky Turned Drowsy

Purple Sky Turned Drowsy
Purple Sky Turned Drowsy (Photo Credits: Anoop © People and Hearts)

When bottled up emotions burst onto the colorless wall,
Eyes perceived the change of colors on the wall.
When the scattered emotions was born as a cocktail of colors,
Heart recognized the lost shades of each color.

When tears rolled from the defeated eyes,
The defenseless wall portrayed a purple shaded sky,
When the hands touched the feeble wall,
The purple shaded sky turned drowsy.

– Anoop
© People and Hearts

3 Replies to “Purple Shaded Sky Turned Drowsy”

  1. Another beautiful one of a long time!!!! I wish the wall to defend with colors that ve been drained to complete a rainbow!!!! Splash it with colors……for the sky will expand the beauty in the touch of that powerful hand!!

    1. The drained wall was to complete the rainbow with time. Splashing of colors needs the right combination. The beauty of sky will definitely expand itself probably with a different color. For the touch of the hand, I wish it may achieve its power someday.

      Thanks! Your comments go a long way!
      Happy Reading!

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