Final Moments of Mystery

Final Moments of Mystery
Final Moments of Mystery

Every mystery has a conclusion and the ultimate revelation. The mystery surrounding this stranger is about to break out.

Finally he meets this mystery lady again after three months. But this was something unexpected. The long absence of the stranger made him to fancy that the lady has vanished. But to his surprise, the lady is standing near to him.

When he met her this time, there was a complete silence in his heart. He stood standstill observing the lady like before.

She appeared different from the last meeting, probably, a makeover of her looks. When he watched her silently with his head tilting towards her, there was a cautious glance from the lady. She noticed him like a cop on patrol. He felt the shiver in his body instantly.

The bus arrived to disturb the silent mind game that was taking place. The lady boarded the bus in no time. But he did not move from his place. His heart was pushing him to go after her and to board the same bus. He was in no hurry and decided that the time has not come for following her.

The lady disappeared as usual and he went about doing his routine work. Back at his home, he was thinking what has to be done next. The silence and the mystery surrounding the lady was bottling him up. He wants to bring an end to this mystery once and for all.

So the day has come, he arrives at the meeting place on time. The silence will take shape as words, as he is going to speak to her. The months of silence and mystery will be unfolded now…

– Anoop
© People and Hearts

Article Chronology – 1.  My Mystery Lady

    2. When the Stranger Entered the Heart

    3. Knowing Nothing About the Next Moment

    4. The First Sign of Arrival

    5. Hiding Behind the Whispering Tree

    6. When Eyes Speak – Poem 18

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