A.R. Rahman’s Thiruda Thiruda – 20 Years Down the Lane

Twenty years ago, in the month of October, India witnessed a revolution in Indian Music through the launch of A.R Rahman’s album Thiruda Thiruda.

Thiruda Thiruda
Thiruda Thiruda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a six-year old in 1993, I was stunned to hear a song – Konjam Nilavu, played on the Radio. I’ve never heard such a kind of song in the Indian music sphere. The song was very unique. From the techno beats, high-pitch singing, singer, everything was new for me at least. A R Rahman had cast a magic spell with this song.


 A R Rahman changed the way people viewed Indian Music with Thiruda Thiruda. The album has a cult fan following ever since its release. The album included six songs of different genre and each one was a classic. This was the beginning that Indian Music was waiting for. Splendid music combined with innovation was the hallmark of this album. I became a hardcore fan of A R Rahman after hearing Thiruda Thiruda’s music.

Here is a review of the music album – Music Review of Thiruda Thiruda.

English: Indian composer A.R. Rahman opens the...
Indian composer A.R. Rahman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After 20 years, the album takes a revisit. To purchase the album, hit iTunes – Thiruda Thiruda – iTunes and Thiruda Thiruda – iTunes India.







– Anoop

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