Dad – The Boy’s First Superhero

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It all began from here.

A toddler tries to recognize a scene, where a man, in his early thirties, kicks a plastic football. The man kicks the ball so high and runs to catch the ball. After catching the ball, he throws it high and catches it again by standing in the same position.

After watching the man, the toddler tries to imitate the man. But the two-year old boy fails and he passes the ball to the man by kicking it gently. The man lifts the boy up and says, ‘We will go back home son’.

From this day onwards, the toddler considered his dad was a superhero, who could fly, lift heavy objects, run faster and throw balls so high. The boy silently watched his dad and tried to imitate him. The little boy admired him silently.

The boy remembers when he was seven years old, his dad rode the bicycle up on a steep road. The boy sat on the front seat, which was fitted on the front rod of the bicycle. His mom sat on the back seat by holding his younger brother. The boy thought how powerful his dad was as he could ride the bicycle up on a steep road by carrying all his family.

Few months later, the boy saw his dad throwing stones at a tall tree, on which, a snake was lying. He was amazed to see his dad throwing stones so high and hitting the snake. As one stone hit the snake, the snake fell down in a flash.

‘My dad is a superhero’, the boy said to himself.

The boy began to observe his dad, the way he wrote, the way he spoke, the way he walked, and the way he combed his hair. The admiration for his dad was increasing as days went on. The boy learned about cricket from his dad. Then the boy went on to watch and play cricket by considering it as the boy’s passion.

When the boy did his homework, he tried to write in the same way as his dad wrote. He liked his dad’s handwriting and style.

The boy’s dad donned the roles of a plumber, electrician, cook, carpenter, engineer, singer and a musician. His dad had a trademark style in whatever he did. The boy loved the style in which his dad played the flute. Even the boy dreamed to don different roles in his life just like his dad.

As the boy grew up, he began to inquire about his dad to his grandmother and relatives. He understood that once his dad was an atheist. Knowingly or unknowingly, the boy, who is now in his late twenties, is an atheist too.

The boy learned that his dad loved to read. The boy decided to write about his admiration for his dad in an article. After writing the article, the boy planned to let his dad know about this article. Finally, the boy is about to reveal to his dad about the superhero.

Note: The boy is now a writer who is editing the final words of this article.

– Anoop

© People and Hearts

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