Talking to the Butterfly

English: Siproeta epaphus, Butterfly World (Fl...
English: Siproeta epaphus, Butterfly World (Florida) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Early in the morning, I found you kissing the flowers,
So passionate, so intense;
It never appeared that you were drinking nectar.

Allow me to touch you with a watery feather,
Allow me to look into your eyes slowly,
Allow me to talk to you in a feeble voice.

I spent my childhood running behind you,
I wished to touch you and kiss you,
I wished to talk to you and be friends with you.

But you kept flying away from me,
You thought that I was scary,
You never gave me a chance.

Allow me to enter your heart like a smiling kid,
Allow me to touch your delicate eyelashes with mine,
Allow me talk to you like your childhood friend.

– Anoop

© People and Hearts

5 Replies to “Talking to the Butterfly”

  1. As a child…we wish many…crazy and innocent desires of our heart!!!! But in the rush to grow up…… we often realize it late that we grew up at the cost of mourning on our childhood wishes!!!! Beautifully written….. amazingly communicated non-verbally par the verbal!!!!

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