Speak Up and Open Your Thoughts to the Right People

Speak up and open your thoughts to the right people. Be expressive.
Speak up and open your thoughts to the right people. Be expressive.

Why don’t we try to be a bit expressive? Why don’t we try to speak our mind to the people we really know? Why don’t we start a conversation with the right people to get a new direction in our lives?

Man is known to be a Social Animal. Human beings are gifted with the ability to speak. They can connect with their fellow beings through communication. But are we communicating with people, really? Really?

Domestic animals such as cats and dogs are better at communicating with people rather than humans. Pets convey their true feelings to people by their own languages. So where have we failed in communicating with the people we know.

Open up people. Open your mind, heart and mouth. Speak up. Speak out what you really feel. Let people know about you and try to know about people.

Speak and connect with the right people. That’s the beauty of communication in life.

When we speak to the right people with similar interests, it will lead to a better conversation. We get to know more about the world and people. Healthy communication leads to a change in the thoughts and perceptions of people. It will open up new avenues for a better life.  It is always good when we speak to the right people at the right time.

So be Expressive!

Anoop © People and Hearts

2 Replies to “Speak Up and Open Your Thoughts to the Right People”

  1. It’s funny. I work in Communications but I so rarely have a REAL conversation with another person, even in the workplace. I remember, not so long ago there was a co-worker who was new to the job but for some reason we started talking animatedly–about everything from philosophy to cosmology and terrific or scary experiences we’d had. We had this moment where we both suddenly stopped and broke out into wide grins.
    She spoke up first, saying she hadn’t expected to be able to have a conversation like that with anyone in a work environment where the only thing on the tips of most people’s tongue were petty gossip and idle chatter. It was the same for me. It was as if, for the first time–someone in that office was able to see the real me.
    Since then, I’ve learned to really cherish rare chances like that.
    (I don’t know if this counts–I hope it does!)

    1. Yes, of course it counts Tonya. I’m a silent and reserved person. But when I find out that someone has similar interests like me, I would try to make a conversation at immediately. There are people with whom I have a great rapport as they share similar interests. I speak to certain people only about the topics that interests but not about their personal lives. Talking to optimistic people just refreshes our entire day.
      I too cherish such moments when I’m able to speak to such persons with similar interests.
      But such people come very rarely. But when they come, I make sure I’m in touch with them forever!
      Happy Reading!

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