The Merciless Modern and Civilized World

A scene during the busy hours of a Monday morning…

Vehicles were plying around the city continuously. Most of the people were busy with their mobile phones, either on a call or texting. Few others were waiting for their buses. There were also a few who were walking over the place without any hesitancy.

Among this crowd, there was a man in his seventies who was lying down with a pool of blood surrounding him. Few currency notes were flying from his pocket. Broken pieces of mobile phone were scattered around the place. The poor old man was knocked down by a speeding car while he was crossing the road.

This man was fighting for his life as he was bleeding profusely. He was suffocating.

The people surrounding the man were less bothered to see what had happened. They were busy in their own world. Sadly, only one guy from the group was ready to call for an ambulance. The writer, who was traveling in a public transport at this time, was just a spectator of this incident.

This is just an overview of the Merciless modern and civilized world. 


© People and Hearts

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