Into the World of Positivity

The twilight embarks the journey into the world of positivity,
Setting his eyes on the majestic blue moon of success,
Cruised the solitary young man on his sailboat.
Battling and evading the devastating waves,
Reached the battered man on the shore of the dreamland.

Floating on the glass of reality and fairy tales,
Glittered the magical island of positivity.
Welcomed by a flock of singing Bluebirds,
The unsung hero looked at the island in wonder.

Looking at the blue skies,
The man witnessed a rare spectacle.
Came the rain through the mystic rainbow,
Kissing the forehead of the blue moon,
Into the magical world of positivity.

Aspiring to achieve his dream,
Holding the sands from the island of positivity,
Looking into the eyes of the reality,
The man of steel begins his struggle for success.


© People and Hearts

2 Replies to “Into the World of Positivity”

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