Being a Rebel…

Respecting the quote, “What is a rebel? A man who says no”  – (Albert Camus The Rebel), I begin this post.

What does it take to be a rebel? Not everyone is a rebel. But anyone can be a rebel at some point of time. ‘A Rebel’, this has nothing to do with the constitution, authority or government. This is purely based on a common man’s daily life.

The art of saying ‘No’ is called Rebellion. It is an art that one must master to be a rebel.

The world that we live in is following a predefined customs and practices since ages. If a person followed something in his life, his son would follow the same it in his life. They call it custom and it is their duty to follow it. And people will blindly perform that custom without reasoning. If someone questions that practice so as to ‘why should I’, then he is considered a rebel. He the one who questions and admits that he can’t do that, is deemed as a rebel forever. The whole group looks at him as an adamant idiot and loser.

What is wrong in being a rebel? One stands out from the entire group by being a rebel. When you turn back, the whole world is against you. You need courage to say no. You need to believe in your thoughts and views in order to be a rebel. You have to stand firm on your decisions even when no one is supporting you.

Rebels are born from within, not created.

The changes in the history are created when a rebel is born and a rebellion is born. That is how life takes its shape to a better world.

I’m a rebel in many ways. I don’t pray, I don’t worship any God but visit temples, churches and mosques. Then people ask me, “Why are you not praying? I reply them, “Why should I pray”! And why are they bothered about me if I pray or not. And in return, I never ask people why they pray. So I too expect them not to poke their nose into my ways. As simple as that.

I learned  to reason and say no to the things that I feel its wrong. It took me years to reason and say confidently even to my parents that I don’t like something. I love to be a rebel in certain ways. I listen to what my heart and mind says. If I don’t like something I will not do it and say that I don’t like it. Well, I’ve the freedom to live my life the way I wish to.


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