When I Lost Her

Time has a penchant for making people realize the worth of few treasures that defy human intelligence and the time itself. The value of these treasures are understood when people lose them.

Likewise, I fell in love with one woman. By the time, I understood that I fell in love with her, it was too late. I realized the value of time at this moment.

When I was beginning to love her like a child who has got his power of vision for the first time in his life, she was drifting away from me forever. Time was too short for me to realize that I fell in love with her at the time of our separation.

I stood wondering what had happened while I was looking in her eyes.

“I love you”, said I.

“It’s too late now”, replied she.

“The heart doesn’t know how and when it falls in love with someone. It only knows to fall in love. Finally time shows what love really is”, whispered I.

– Anoop
© People and Hearts

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